10 Best MTG Black Commander Cards (2021 Edition)

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You don’t have to be a Magic the Gathering (MTG) expert to know that one of the best parts of the popular trading card game is the ability to customize your deck and play style. MTG Black Commander are one of the most popular formats for this type of customization, as they allow you to play with cards that would generally be banned in other MTG formats.  What’s more, you can play as many copies of a single card as you like in your deck.

Most of the time, Magic: the Gathering Commander players will want to build a deck with a specific color or theme, like mono-blue or colorless enchantments. However, sometimes you’ll just want to jam all of your favorite cards into one deck, and let the chips fall where they may. In these instances, you might want to build a deck full of Black cards. After all, Black is the best when it comes to dealing with creatures, which are the creatures you want to get rid of, right?

Commander is Magic’s most popular format, and there’s one group of cards more popular than any others: the legendary creatures that lead the 99—or at least the 99 we all wish we could have.. Read more about best commander decks 2021 and let us know what you think.word-image-4299 In Commander/EDH, it’s usually a good strategy to include more than one color in the deck. This gives you more choice in cards and can compensate for the weaknesses of the colors used. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build a monochrome deck or that they aren’t sustainable. A monochrome deck can be exceptionally strong, depending on the color you use and your budget. Are you interested in building a mono black deck? Your first step is to choose a commander, and we will help you do that. Read on for our list of the best black command cards in MTG….. Use these links to navigate through this manual >>.

Black Monochrome Commander Decks

As we said before, making a monochrome deck isn’t always the best idea when it comes to Commander. Each color in MTG has a different role in the game, including strengths and weaknesses. If you’re building a deck with one color, limit yourself to the specific advantages and disadvantages of that color. However, there are advantages to making monochrome games. One advantage is that you can build your mana base much easier. Unlike multi-color decks, you don’t have to use tons of mana stones or mana fixers to make sure you have access to all colors. Plus, it’s obviously easier to put something together when you don’t have an overwhelming number of options, which can happen when you’re building multi-colored decks. With a monochrome game, you know what to work with. Black is also a good choice for monochrome decks. Black can do what most other colors can do magic, but that often comes at a price. There are also many wonderful creatures to choose from, such as zombies, vampires and rats.

Top black control cards in MTG

Skeetirix, Dragon of the Blinding

word-image-11240 Once, the decks of Skeetirix, Dragon of Destruction were numerous. Due to their ability to infect, decks with Skithiryx were often able to destroy their opponents with a single attack. Each player can only get ten poison tokens before losing the game, and with a one-to-one poison token to damage ratio, Skytirix can already give you four poison tokens. But it gets worse when you add elements that increase its power. The more damage Scytirix does, the more poison pieces he puts in. It’s not difficult to equip or enchant Skithiryx to boost his power to ten and kill enemies with a single strike. It is also important to point out the other capabilities of Scytirix. You can pay a black card to give him a Rush, which means he can attack on the same turn you cast him. You can also pay two to regenerate him, so he won’t die if something else kills him. The idea here is to play a series of devices first. When you have enough to bring Scytirix’s power up to ten, cast Scytirix, equip all equipment, pay to give him a Rush, and attack him with it.

K’rrik son of Jagmot

word-image-11241 These strange symbols at the top of the book of K’riik, son of Jagmoth, are called phyrexian mana. Phyrexian mana, as the card says, can be paid with life or black mana in this case. That’s the first thing K’rrick gets right: You can pay for almost half of it with your life if you need to. To compensate for this, K’rrick has a life line, so an attack or block from him can restore almost any hit points you lost from his use. Then, and this is the best part, he translates that Phyrexian mana into black mana cost in spells. Paying proverbs with your life may seem counterintuitive. But it’s actually great – it means you can cast a spell almost every turn if you have a life. And if the card you want is too expensive to cast with mana, you can add life to the cost. However, you might consider including cards with life gain in a K’rrick deck.


word-image-11242 Rats don’t seem like a noble tribe, so many new players might disregard them. Experienced players know that a well-built Rat deck can be very powerful. Marrow-Gnaver is a great commander if you want to set up a rat deck. First, it frightens all your rats, meaning opponents can only block it with their black creatures or artifact creatures. Second, you can almost double the number of rats on the battlefield by sacrificing one. You have to touch it to use this ability. However, find a card that allows you to use permanents, and you can use it multiple times per turn to create a rat army.

Ser Conrad, Grim

word-image-11243 This black knight has been known as a great warlord since his appearance in the Throne of Eldraine set. Not surprisingly, Ser Conrad, Grim is one of the most popular black commanders on the market. Each time another creature dies or a creature is put into the graveyard, it deals damage to each opponent. The emphasis is on one, because it doesn’t have to be your graveyard or the death of your creatures. To make him even stronger, his second ability lets you pay one regular mana and one black mana for all players to put the top card of their library into their graveyard. If any of these cards is a creature, Ser Conrad deals damage to everyone but you. You want to make it more disturbing? If you can protect him, consider using to clear the board if there are a lot of creatures on the battlefield to do a lot of damage to your opponents.

Vito, dusky pink ear

word-image-11244 Vito, the Pink Spike of Twilight, will be particularly strong in a deck that focuses on gaining life or creatures with a life saver. Indeed, your opponents lose as many lives as you gain when you win. Therefore, Vito would be a good choice as a commander in a Vampire Tribe deck. But if your creatures usually don’t have a lifeline, that’s not a problem. You can pay three generics and two black mana to give all your creatures a lifelink for this turn, forcing you to gain life when they attack or block.

Shirei, guard Shizo

word-image-11245 What if all your creatures come back from the graveyard almost automatically? Shirei, the guardian of Shizo answers this question by giving you the ability to return creatures from your graveyard during your End Step if their power is 1 or less. There is no need to play extra expensive replay cards. Let Shirei help you raise things from the dead while he’s on the battlefield. Of course, the creatures in question must have a power of 1 or less, but that’s not a difficult constraint to work with.

Sheoldred, Whispering One

word-image-11246 Many commanders are useful because they benefit the rest of your creatures in some way. Sheoldred, Whisperer is not strong because it gives your creatures buffs, but because it suppresses your opponents so much. At the beginning of each opponent’s turn, he or she must sacrifice a creature. On the other hand, at the beginning of your turn, you can return a creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. It doesn’t matter (to you, that is) that Sheoldred also has a swamp walker. All other players in the black deck will not be able to block him, and a huge 6/6 will do a lot of damage.

Ghoulcaller Gisa

word-image-11247 The zombie tribal is a popular theme in black. Who wouldn’t want to lead an army of the undead? If this is something you want to try, then Giza’s Ghoul is the commander for you. To use it, you must be willing to essentially recycle creatures. You can pay black mana, touch it, and sacrifice a creature. In return, it generates a number of 2/2 black zombie tokens equal to the power of the sacrificed creature. In other words: The bigger the creature you sacrifice, the more zombies you can turn them into. Don’t worry about these victims. It’s too easy to take a black object from the graveyard.

Liliana, Heretic Healer

word-image-11248 Liliana, Heretic Healer is an interesting card because it is two-sided. On the one hand, you have a standard legendary creature. She’s got a lifeline. The situation gets interesting when one of your creatures dies. At this point, Liliana changes from a healer to a Liliana who summons a necromancer. That’s when she becomes a planeswalker. While not impossible, it is rare to use a planeswalker as a commander, as they are not legendary creatures (with the exception of planeswalkers, whose text explicitly says they can be used as a commander). Liliana gets around this problem by starting with a creature and then transforming. His loyalty skills are not to be sneezed at either. It can allow anyone to discard a card and bring back a creature from your graveyard. But the best is their final ability, which causes you to take control of a creature at the end of the turn it dies. Remember, this applies to all creatures, not just those in your deck. Also read : Which MTG kits contain planeswalkers?

Willis, Blood Broker

word-image-11249 Vilis, Broker of Blood is a good example of how black cards usually are. Somehow he hurts you by charging you two life and black mana to activate his second ability. However, this gives you a -1/-1 creature with which to destroy your opponents’ small creatures. If you have more mana and more life, you can also activate this ability as many times as you want by putting as many -1/-1 counters on something as you want. Are you afraid of losing your life points? Willis is catching up. With his last ability, you can throw a card every time you lose a life. This way you can easily fill your hand by playing the cards you want. We recommend using cards that increase your hand in your Vilis Commander deck. Two good cards to consider are Relic Tower , Thought Shipor.

Questions from the Black Commander

Who is the best commander in Dimir?

word-image-11250 Dimir is a combination of blue and black. We’ve written a guide on the best Dimir commanders if you want recommendations on commander options for these colors. However, we can tell you that one of our favorite Dimir commanders is God Scarab. This is another fantastic commander for a zombie-centric deck, forces your opponents to lose life for all zombies you control and allows you to scry the ds engine. You can also use it to copy creatures from the graveyard and turn them into zombies.

What is the best black planeswalker?

Black planeswalkers are numerous, and many of them are very strong. Therefore, it is difficult to lump them all together and say that one of them is the best. One of the most famous black planeswalkers is Liliana of the Veil. All their loyalty skills are good. You can use it to force players to discard cards, force someone to sacrifice a creature, or destroy a large number of your opponent’s permanents.

What is the best black mono commander?

In this list alone, we have included a large number of mono-black variants of Commander. It’s hard to pick just one, but if we had to recommend one, we would suggest K’rrik, son of Yawgmoth. Paying all your black spells with life or mana is ridiculously powerful. And by reinforcing each time you cast a spell with +1/+1 counters, it quickly turns into a large creature with life force to make up for all that wasted life.

ending in

If you’re considering building a monochrome deck, black is definitely one of the most viable colors. There is no shortage of options and themes to choose from. Black can be a little tricky if you’re not careful. For example, many black cards have added value. B. Sacrifice a creature or you pay with your life. But if you choose your deck carefully, you can create something that hurts your opponents far more than it hurts you – and that’s ultimately the key to creating a solid black deck.When the Commander format was created in 2011, it was without question a huge hit among Magic: The Gathering players. In fact, in the early years, a good number of Magic fans embraced the format as their favored way to play. The format has received several tweaks since it was released, but in the end, it remains a fan favorite. (After all, who wouldn’t want to summon giant monsters to the battlefield?). Read more about mtggoldfish commander 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best black card in MTG?

There are currently many black cards in Magic The Gathering that are used as a Commander. This article will list 10 of the best black cards in MTG that make for good Commander cards.  A Commander is a card that you use as your main card that you want to play. Cards are rated on several categories, including power, versatility, and fun. Cards are then ranked based on a number system. A card that rates a 7 in every category will get a rating of 10. A card that rates a 4 in one category and a 10 in another will get an 8. The lower the number, the better the card is for its price.

Can Planeswalkers be commanders 2021?

Cards from the 20 th anniversary set, Magic: The Gathering Commander, are coming to Magic Online, and the community has been buzzing about what cards will make great commander choices for the new format. The rules for the format haven’t been written yet, but it’s likely that many of the same rules from the physical version of the format will be adapted for Magic Online. For years, Commander players have been asking for a planeswalker card to be added as a possible commander type. Up until now, the rules had stated that planeswalkers didn’t fit this criteria, since they can be used to cast spells and not just be used as a creature. This year, WotC released a new ‘rules card’ that confirmed that planeswalkers could be used as a commander type, but only as a one-of. This means you can only have one planeswalker in your deck.

What are the 2021 Commander decks?

Commander is a unique format in Magic: the Gathering, in that it cuts out the deck building restrictions found in other formats. In Commander, you’re only allowed to use one of each basic land, and only one copy of each legendary card. This leads to some pretty wild deck building, as players design decks around their favorite legendary cards. Everyone knows the powerhouse commanders: Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Teferi, Temporal Archmage, and of course, Markov Dreadknight. So which of the new ‘Commander 2021’ cards are going to make an impact on 2021 Commander decks? We’ve picked ten of our favorites, and listed them below! No doubt about it, Commander is the most popular multiplayer format in Magic right now. With competitive, casual, and multiplayer Commander decks at $40, $50, and even $60 a pop, you’re bound to want to get your money’s worth out of your new decks. But how do you go about building and maintaining a Commander deck? With a deck fresh out of the wrapper, you have a lot of room to mess with—some cards are just less useful in a 100-card format than they are in a 60-card format. But what do you do with an older, well-used deck? That’s where a second set of Commander decks come in: they’re the perfect tools for upgrading an old deck, and you

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