Best Projector Under $500 For A Great Viewing Experience In 2020

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Cheap projectors are quickly becoming the standard equipment in many schools and offices, and many of us are looking for the best projector under 500 watts. You can’t ignore the role of a projector if you’re holding a conference or seminar, or if you’re just using it to watch movies at home. Because of their great importance in our daily lives, it is important to choose the best projector available on the market. If you want your presentation to stand out, you need to choose a projector that offers high-resolution images.

Whether you’re a gamer or a professional, a standard display can’t make an impression. For better viewing and entertainment, you need a good all-in-one projector. In this article we have made an in-depth analysis of the best projectors under $500. But before we get into the details, let’s see what to look out for when buying a projector in 2020.

Factors to be taken into account when purchasing a projector costing less than EUR 500

When it comes to buying the best projector for less than $500, there are a few important points to consider. If you buy a projector for less than $500, you need to identify your target. Projectors are available in different configurations. If you know how you’re going to use it, you can make a wise purchase decision.

Projection screen size

The size of the projection screen refers to the size of the projection screen. It also depends on the type of surface on which the image is to be projected. That’s why you should also consider the distance when purchasing a projector.


The degree of contrast of a projector makes the difference between good and bad image projection. Always choose a projector with higher contrast values. This allows you to make a certain image brighter or darker.


Brightness is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a projector. A good projector should generally have a brightness of at least 1000 lumens. Note that 1000 lumens are suitable for night use. In broad daylight you need a 3,000 lumens projector.

Discharge distance

As you may know, the distance between the projector and the screen is responsible for good picture quality. Normally you can use projectors to extend the range from a few meters to fifteen meters.

Top 8 Projectors under $500 in 2020

1. ViewSonic PA503S

This is undoubtedly one of the best projectors you can buy for less than $500. One of the features of the backlight of this headlight is that it is very convenient. This DLP projector does its job, regardless of the position in which it is placed. Phenomenally, it has a flow rate of 4 to 43 feet. This is also the reason why you can use this projector in different places.

Whether it’s tight workspaces or large meeting rooms, this projector will never disappoint. On the other hand, you have no problem viewing the image with the projector. It has a brightness of 3600 lumens, which is quite high even in daylight. Even at this high luminous intensity, the lamps last 15,000 hours. The unit also has VGA, RCA and HDMI connections.


  • Battery life 15,000 hours
  • Large launch platform
  • Offers a range of connection options


  • The quality of the construction is inferior

2. Epson VS250

Epson is a well-known name in the field of projection technology. The Epson VS250 is easy to install and use. It has a 3LCD screen that can produce very clear images. The brightness is 3200 lumens, so this projector can be used in daylight or in bright lighting conditions. Another feature of this projector is that it supports a wide range of resolutions.

Moreover, the contrast of this projector is one of the best projectors available today. The contrast ratio of this projector is 15000:1, making it definitely one of the best projectors under 500. In other words, it’s a versatile projector that can be used anywhere. Moreover, it has a good throwing distance, which is an added bonus.


  • Simple configuration
  • High contrast
  • Excellent overall performance


  • Low native resolution can be a setback

3. ViewSonic PJD5155

The ViewSonic PJD5155 offers high performance and versatile features. It works in DLP format and still has a nice large range. This is also why this device is ideal for a wide range of applications. For example, you can use it both in class and in the office, depending on your needs. It also has a high brightness in the form of 3300 lumens.

However, the lamp life is shorter, which can be your biggest problem. In addition, it can work with a maximum resolution of 1080P. In addition, the contrast range helps counteract the various problems experienced by DLP projectors with darker images. So make sure you set the contrast correctly.


  • Equipped with a wide range of screens
  • A wide range of contrasts
  • Good casting distance


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4. GooDee GP90

The GooDee GP90 uses LCD display technology. It has a brightness of 3200 lumens and can support a maximum resolution of 1080P. All these features make it an excellent choice for office and education. The lamp has a lifespan of 30,000 hours, which is an extra bonus. It offers the user many connectivity options.

It can be connected to both iPhones and computers. However, the projector is ideal for small installations because it has an ejection zone of only 16.5 feet. It also has low contrast, which can make it difficult to use in brightly lit rooms. But if you can ignore these two drawbacks, it’s a great projector that lasts a long time.


  • Numerous resolutions
  • Long lamp life
  • Full connectivity


5. BenQ MW526AE: Best business projector under $500

If you want a versatile and perfect projector for formal and professional use, you can choose this product. It has a small reach compared to the competition. However, this property also makes it one of the best projectors for medium-sized offices.

This projector is also not suitable for home entertainment because of its short range. But as mentioned above, if you want a projector for office and business, this is your best choice. It can use a large screen because it can go from 36 to 300 inches. It is compatible with all devices and supports multiple resolutions. You can also use it with Mac and Blue Ray players. No wonder it’s a great business projector for less than $500.


  • Supports multiple resolutions
  • Brightness of 3300 lumens
  • Easy to use and configure


6. Optoma HD143X

This should be your choice if you are looking for a projector for home entertainment. It has 3000 ANSI lumens and supports Full HD resolution. Note that the screen of this projector belongs to the DLP class. The projection distance can be short if you want to use it in large rooms.

One of the features of this projector’s backlighting is its 3D compatibility. So it is a good choice if you want to illustrate tables and graphs in your office presentation. It also has a built-in 10W speaker that takes entertainment to the next level.


  • 1.1x optical zoom
  • Multiple ports make it easy to connect
  • Full HD resolution support


  • Can’t take Dolby sound.

It is one of the newest projectors on the market that you can buy. It’s also different from the other projector. Indeed, it uses the potential of LED technology to project an image. But make no mistake, this is a 3500 lumens floodlight. One of the features of the backlight of this projector is the lamp. The lamp can be used for 30,000 hours, which is useful if you are a heavy user.

This projector can be used in many applications. It is also an excellent home cinema projector. It has a decent projection range, which makes this projector one of the best in its class. On the other hand, you can easily connect this projector to different devices. With the correct correction, you can use this projector for multiple HD resolutions. It is also equipped with a built-in speaker that is ideal for entertainment.


  • 30,000 hours lamp life
  • Support for large screen
  • Ease of use


8. BenQ HT1070

This is the second BenQ projector we’ve included in our review, and for good reason. Being a DLP projector, it is best suited for fast moving media and 3D video. On the other hand, it can work in multiple resolutions, making it easily one of the most versatile projectors. Even as a DLP projector he doesn’t have much contrast.

This can seriously affect image quality in bright light. On the other hand, it is also known as one of the most dimmable projectors with only 2000 lumens. Still, you can certainly use it for professional and educational purposes. The throwing distance is not so great either, which could be a setback. But it’s a very good projector if you want to use it in a small space.


  • Numerous resolutions
  • Support for large screen
  • Exceptional construction quality


Frequently asked questions:

Q. What are the best projectors for my house?

The first exam projector is the best projector for home. It has one of the best light levels.

Q. Can I buy a 4K projector for $500?

The answer is simple: no! You have to spend more money to buy the best 4K projector.

Q. How much should I spend on projectors?

If you want a good projector with interesting features, you will have to spend more than $500. But if you need a simple indoor projector, you can get one for less than $500.

Q. What are the best projectors to use with 3D glasses?

Any projector with DLP technology can be used with 3D glasses. However, this does not mean that all DLP projectors will support 3D technology.

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We hope the information provided will help you buy the best projector under 500. We recommend the ViewSonic projector because it is the most versatile. But choose as you like. Don’t forget to look at the things to consider when switching to your first projector.

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