Fenge standing desk converter review – Why it can be a Fine Option!

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We’ve all been there. You purchase your new standing desk converter, take it home and the next day you’re back at a sit-down desk because your knees hurt or feet get tired from sitting so long. Here’s our review of one option that we found to be effective in its design!

The “fenge standing desk converter review” is a product that has been reviewed by many people. It has received positive reviews and has been deemed as a fine option.

Fenge standing desk converter review - Why it can be a Fine Option!

To be honest, we don’t think the Fenge standing desk converter is our cup of tea. It also does not seem to be the sort of standing desk converters for which many people will queue. 

It’s pretty straightforward and straightforward. We’ll temper our expectations since it’s a manually adjustable standing desk converter, more of a riser.  

FENGE Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

So let’s give it a go and see if it’s any good. Perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye.

When it comes to standing desk converters, Fenge stands out. 

Dimensions Dimensions: 25.56′′D x 18.5′′W × 19.06′′H
Color black
variety of heights 15”-21”
Mechanism  a pair of a spring of gass
Capacity 22 lbs
Other characteristics 4 rubber non-slip pads

Our Fenge standing desk converter arrived completely constructed. We were also shocked to see that the unit had some weight to it. It’s quite sturdy and has considerable weight, so it may work as a standing desk converter. 

Check out the Fenge Laptop Standing Desk Converter.

We expected it to be built of a thin board with fragile plastic legs based on the photographs we saw online. As a result, we anticipated that it would be unable to support itself.

Surprisingly, though, it does have some weight and stability. In the case of plastic standing desk converters, a little more weight is beneficial. After a few months of usage, anything that is overly light and fragile will break down.

We did notice anything odd, however. Although the equipment arrived completely completed, several of the screws were loose. It’s not a huge deal, but you may want to tighten each screw first to ensure that it can support itself while you’re using it. 

Perhaps the brand can enhance this as well, or perhaps something went wrong with quality control.

Apart than that, the item was devoid of scrapes and dents, with the exception of a few missing screws.

A Magnet for Fingerprints

Several fingerprints seem to have been left on the Fenge’s upper surface. The whole unit seems to be better than we expected, and it appears to be bigger than in the photographs, however it is infamous for smudges.

Although the surface is a little matte, fingerprints are easily visible. As a result, this is something to think about. You may want to have a clean towel on hand so that the oils don’t stay to the material. Though this has no effect on the unit’s integrity, it does make it seem less desirable. 

It is A Magnet for Fingerprints, so you’ll need to wipe it off more often than you would with other risers and desk converters.

This is a reasonably sturdy yet inexpensive item.

The unit seemed more robust and sturdy as a result of the sustained heaviness. When we pull it out of the package, it doesn’t seem fragile.

This item may now be adjusted manually using a spring of gass, which means you must raise and push it down. 

A lever may be seen on the side. It’s as simple as pressing the lever and pulling it up. This is where we were taken aback. We were anticipating some resistance since it was so heavy.

The Fenge, on the other hand, was a breeze to lift; we hardly flexed a muscle. As you push the lever, it nearly instantly elevates. It’s as though you’re merely helping with the lift.

Is this, therefore, a positive thing? 

It is debatable. This is ideal for physically challenged individuals who find it difficult to adjust a manual standing desk converter. There are no particular height options, either. You may alter the height to anything you want thanks to the siding system, as long as it’s within the range. 

We also tried pushing on the device with our hands to see if it would move. If it’s easy to go up, it’s probably easy to fall down, right? As a result, we had to double-check. 

Surprisingly, it seems solid and won’t fall over if you apply some force to the desktop surface. As a result, pulling the desk down will take a little more effort than raising it. As a result, it may be a good thing. If you have your laptop on it already, you can be certain that the device will not collapse due to the sufficient resistance. 

But pressing it down isn’t difficult; you only need to use more effort than you did while raising it. As a result, it will be accessible to persons who are physically handicapped or elderly.

Is it really that big?

This riser/standing desk converter was touted as a large item by the manufacturer. And, despite the fact that it seemed bigger in person than it did online, it may not feel particularly roomy, especially for people who are a little chubby.  

We wouldn’t use the word spacious to describe this standing desk converter even with a modest configuration of a laptop and a standard keyboard.

VIVO ULTRA SLIM standing desk converter vs. Fenge

The Fenge has a similar appearance to the VIVO ultra-slim desk riser, which costs. The VIVO Slim, on the other hand, is larger, measuring 21.3′′ D x 31.1′′W x 15′′H. As a result, you may be able to doodle a little more freely with this unit. 

We decided to perform a comparison since the Fenge looks a lot like the VIVO slim.

The specifications and features of the VIVO Ultra Slim standing desk converter are shown below.

Dimensions 21.3′′D x 31.1′′W x 15′′H Dimensions: 21.3′′D x 31.1′′W x 15′′H
Color black
variety of heights 10.5”-15”
Mechanism  spring pneumatic
Capcity 17.6 lbs
Other characteristics Rubber anti-slip pads

The Fenge has limitless height possibilities, however the VIVO ultra thin can only be locked in the lowest and tallest positions. It has a lower ceiling than the Fenge. However, the maximum height is just 15″. 

Check out the VIVO’s pricing.

While somewhat taller people may use the Fenge, the VIVO Slim is intended for small and average-sized people. 

It also has a smaller storage capacity. Even though the desk space is larger, it is less heavy-duty than the Fenge. 

This, like the Fenge, features anti-rubber pads. However, the bottom of this desk riser seems to be a little different.

With Fenge, the unit’s feet are visible and it rests on top of the surface. The feet of the VIVO slim are enclosed in a rectangular frame. In comparison to the Fenge, this made the VIVO seem more stable and less inclined to slide. 

Our experience, on the other hand, has been quite the reverse. The Fenge seemed more sturdy than the VIVO thin, despite the absence of a frame at the bottom of the device. 

The VIVO has a tendency to collapse when utilized at maximum height, and we’ve received similar issues from other customers. This time, even though the unit was set to the lowest setting, it was still able to fall easily. 

As a result, this is relatively fragile, and after just a few months, it may be useless. Alternatively, you may be able to utilize the desk riser without difficulty if you keep your weight to half of the claimed load capacity.

We also had considerable difficulties lifting the device. That should be self-evident, right? However, this is not the case. It will be difficult for you to adapt. 

Even with the directions included, not everyone will be able to complete it straight away. The spring may also leap back up even after the device is already locked in. 

At times, the lock will unlock itself. And it took us by surprise. The desk extended on its own when we unboxed it and took it out of the package. Imagine what may have happened if it hadn’t been kept together by cable ties.

Aesthetics-wise, the VIVO looks more posh since it has a sleeker and thinner desktop. We also did not find that it is A Magnet for Fingerprints.

The Fenge will be more valued even if it has a more appealing look and a larger desk space.

The desk has a proclivity towards collapsing. To keep the desk from plying open, you may need to install a wedge or something substantial at the bottom. So, unless it costs more than $50, this may be a complete waste of money. 

Fitueyes vs. Fenge 30″ desk riser

Fitueyes is another standing desk converter that resembles the Fenge in appearance. Also, the specifications and features are shown in the table below.

Dimensions 2.76′′D x 33.46′′W x 21.65′′H x 2.76′′D x 33.46′′W x 21.65′′H
Color black
variety of heights 2.2””-16.1”
Mechanism  a spring of gas
Capcity 20 lbs
Other characteristics Rubber anti-slip pads

Fitueyes is a little less expensive than Fenge. It is, however, bigger and has a greater weight capacity than Fenge.  

This is a better alternative for small people since it goes much lower and the maximum settings are just 16″. Fenge can go up to 20″, so taller people will be able to use it, but petite people may not.

Check the cost

However, in terms of space, this gives you more room to write.

And it also has the same construction at the bottom part. The legs have Rubber anti-slip pads at the bottom and it comes in contact with the desk. So you can easily mistake this for the Fenge standing desk converter. It also uses a spring of gass for the Mechanism.

Fitueyes come in a smaller size, which is one of the distinctions. The brand’s 26-inch device may be suitable for tiny people or those who do not want a lot of work space.

This standing desk converter is very simple to set up and secure. Like the VIVO Ultra-slim, it does not compress and splays out. As a result, we found it to be appropriately robust and durable. Like the Fenge, it has a touch of heaviness to it. So they are like two peas in a pod in terms of build and usefulness.  

It also has an infinitely adjustable height. However, it is a few dollars less expensive than Fenge.  

Oh, and the Fenge has a small white strip running down the side of the unit, which adds to the overall appearance. Because the Fitueyes are entirely black, that’s another method to tell them apart.

Laptop risers: Fenge vs. Rocelco

Because it’s designed to handle laptops, the Rocelco laptop riser is a smaller and better solution for the tiny. If you prefer a silver or white standing desk converter, it’s also available in three hues. 

However, it has the same appearance and operation as the Fenge. Let’s have a look at the specifications.

Dimensions 10 in. x 19 in. x 1 in.
Color Black, silver, and white are the colors of the rainbow.
variety of heights 1””-15”
Mechanism  a spring of gas
Capcity 15.8 lbs
Other characteristics Rubber anti-slip pads

Check the cost of the Rocelco

It’s also a shorter variant, with a lower limit of 1.” It’s for small users, much like VIVO, but it’s more practical since it has eight different height options.  

However, one disadvantage is that it might be difficult to modify. When adjusting the unit, you’ll have to use more effort than you would with Fenge. Although the resistance makes it more stable than VIVO, some individuals may find it difficult to adjust the device because of it. To raise and lower this, you’ll need greater muscle.

So, how do we feel about Fenge?

It turns out that things aren’t that horrible after all. What can we say, we made a hasty judgment. 

You’ll find this handy in terms of both stability and functionality. Though the aesthetics and smudges are not pleasant, it is sturdy and will not collapse, and it continues to fulfill its purpose.

It’s also incredibly accessible to seniors, physically challenged individuals, and ladies who don’t want to lift. Nonetheless, it remains robust and sturdy. 

The “fenge standing desk converter review” is a product that can be used for a variety of reasons. It is a great option for those who are looking to save space, or it can be an alternative to the traditional desk. Reference: fenge desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a standing desk converter worth it?

A: It is worth it because standing up for long periods of time can help with blood circulation, which in turn helps your body to be more efficient. Plus, if you have a desk that doesn’t have an adjustable height setting, then this will allow you to raise your chair and monitor closer to eye level when at work or home.

What should I look for in a standing desk conversion?

A: This is a question many people have asked themselves, and the answer can vary depending on what you prefer to do. Some functions that are important for some users are height adjustment, adjustable surface angles, power features such as USB ports or cooling fans. Others may want to consider different features like an integrated mouse tray or keyboard tray with built-in trackpad.

How tall should a standing desk converter be?

A: You should measure the height of your desk and determine what size standing desk converter you will need. If you have a tall enough desk, then any standard-sized converter is likely to be good for it.

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