How Much Does an Average Laptop Weigh?

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Laptops are used more than ever today and they’re not just for work anymore. The average laptop weighs in at 2 pounds, but there have been some models that were heavier or lighter. This article will explore the main types of laptops available to determine what you should expect from your personal purchase.

The “average weight of a laptop in kg” is the most common question asked when people are trying to buy a new laptop. The average weight of a laptop is around 5-10kg.

How Much Does an Average Laptop Weigh? 2021

It is simple and practical to invest in a laptop that is lightweight and travel-friendly if you are someone who finds himself or herself on regular traveling journeys. A large laptop is a continual hassle to carry about and may quickly exhaust you.

As a result, it is recommended that you conduct your homework before making a purchase and invest in a lightweight laptop that can give you with maximum performance while reducing the amount of weight you carry.

However, with so many choices and diversity on the market, it might be difficult to find the one that is right for you. The weight of a laptop is determined by a number of elements, including the quality of the manufacturer’s construction, the screen size, the battery, and so on.

As a result, I’ve put together this information on how much does an average laptop weigh depending on the five key classes to save you time.

How Much Does an Average Laptop Weigh?

Number one: Chromebook or Ultrabook


These laptops are more traditional and classic in design. Ultrabooks are mostly laptops that run on the Windows operating system. Similarly, the Chromebook is based on the Chrome OS and runs on a Google configuration.

Both of these varieties, however, are built with comparable bodies and structures. As a result, modern laptops are primarily intended to be lighter, which has always been a major selling factor.

Laptops that are ultra-portable are number two.

Ultra-portable laptops, as the name implies, are ultra-lightweight computers available on the market. These are mainly meant to make traveling easier and more convenient. Apple MacBook Pro, Acer Swift Series, and HP Folio Series are just a few examples.

These computers, however, might be a little more costly than typical. If you often travel with your laptop and are willing to pay a little extra on convenience, these laptops are a wonderful alternative to consider.

Number three: slender and light

Similarly, there is a new category of travel-friendly computers that are meant to make your life easier and more convenient. These are a little heavier and less expensive than usual ultra-portable models. Similarly, these laptops often feature smaller displays and larger batteries.

These laptops are also meant to be tiny, resulting in a significant weight reduction. Overall, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a laptop but yet want something light and portable, they are a great option to consider. The Dell XPS series, Apple MacBooks, Google Pixelbooks, and Lenovo Yoga Series are among the honorable mentions.

Number 4: Desktop Substitutes

Furthermore, as the name implies, desktop replacement laptops are meant for use with a mobile computer setup. These are intended to be powerful, performance-oriented, and low in weight.

If you don’t travel much but want something transportable, powerful, and speedy with a lot of storage, these desktop replacements are a wonderful option to consider.

How Much Does the Average Laptop Weigh

Similarly, these laptops are especially built for gamers, with high processor speeds, quick refresh rates, and extended battery life to allow them play for long periods of time. These also include effective cooling systems that keep the system running smoothly while reducing heat dissipation and increasing energy efficiency.

So, if you insist on not sacrificing battery life or processing speed but still needing mobility, these are the phones for you. The MSI Leopard series, Alienware Gaming Series, and Titan laptops are among the most popular. However, since they may be rather costly, there aren’t many alternatives!

Luggable Laptops (number 5)

Last but not least, the luggable laptop is a category of computers based on weight. These laptops are based on traditional PC systems and are capable of handling heavy-duty tasks. These are the more classic ones, and they are not now produced by companies.

However, some individuals are interested in these models, owing to their fascinating potential for DIY projects. These are bulky and need a high-capacity battery, not to mention a power-hungry cooling system. A Compaq Portable II, a typical computer notebook that is no longer available on the market, is an example of this sort.

The following is a size guide for these laptops based on their category.

laptop screen sizes

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each category of laptops based on weight, here is a sizing chart to assist you in making a purchasing decision:

  • Laptops in the ultrabook or Chromebook category are typically 9 to 13.5 inches wide by 8 to 11 inches tall.
  • Ultra-portable computers are typically 9 to 13 inches long and 8 to 9 inches wide.
  • Thin and light laptops are typically 11 to 15′′ X 11′′ in dimension.
  • Laptops that may be used as a desktop replacement are 18′′ X 11′′ in dimension.

So, depending on these dimensions and specific weights, you may choose the one that best meets your needs.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What are the greatest lightweight laptops on the market today?

There are a variety of lightweight laptops available on the market from high-end and well-known brands. The Asus Vivobook, Dell Chromebook, and Apple MacBook Air are among the most popular lightweight computers. Overall, if you’re searching for something light, make sure your laptop doesn’t weigh more than 2.5 pounds.

What is the weight of a light laptop?

It is mostly determined by the brand and type of the device you are using. This is due to the fact that weight takes into account a variety of factors such as battery life, storage, processing speed, cooling system, and screen. As a result, the typical weight of a light laptop is between 1.05 and 2.5 kilograms. So, for a laptop, anything within this range is considered light.

Is 1.6 kg a lot of weight for a laptop?

No, a 1.6 kilogram laptop isn’t very hefty. A laptop that is light enough to carry about and travel with typically weighs 1.5 kg. As a result, anybody searching for a lightweight laptop to help with regular journeys may find a comparable 1.6 kilogram laptop to be quite comfortable. Overall, a few grams may be readily deviated from the conventional weight.

Last Thoughts

Finally, to address the question, what is the typical weight of a laptop? It’s best if you undertake individual research on each model based on certain common criteria. The weight of a laptop is mostly determined by its screen size, construction, battery, cooling system, and other factors. Laptop weights are classified in a variety of ways, some of which are discussed in this article. As a result, I hope you can utilize them to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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The average laptop weight in 2021 is about 9 pounds. This is because laptops are getting lighter and more powerful. The HP laptop weighs about 10 pounds, but it’s not the lightest laptop on the market. Reference: laptop weight hp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an average laptop weigh?

A: An average laptop weighs roughly 4.5 pounds, but can vary depending on the model and brand of the computer.

What is the weight of a 15 inch laptop?

A: The weight of a 15 inch laptop is 1.3 kg

Is 5 pounds a heavy laptop?

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