How To Use A Tablet As A Point Of Sale

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Technological progress has completely changed the way we do things. Whether it’s entertainment, sharing with friends and family, or even work, technology has revolutionized our lives.

Thanks to advances in technology, we have seen the introduction of tables. In addition to providing exceptional gaming capabilities, tablets have changed the way we approach marketing and business management. Compared to laptops and other computer equipment, tablets are very light. So you can take it anywhere, making it a practical business tool.

DataRead on to find out how you can use tablets as a sales argument and ultimately increase sales.

What does it take to turn your iPad into a POS system?

With advanced tablets, such as the iPad, retailers can use their tablet as a traditional point of sale. However, this requires the purchase of some extra equipment. Ideally, you would need a tablet, a POS application, a card reader and a stand.

iPad or similar tablet

It is clear that we will first have to invest in a high quality shelf. If you’re like most people, iPad comes in handy. Although the tablet is available from cash service providers, you can also purchase the device separately.

The purchase of a tablet reduces, among other things, the total costs. It also allows you to choose a device with the features that suit you best, such as B. Storage capacity and battery life.

Mobile App. POS

You also need the mobile application of the cash register to set up the cash register system. This is especially important if you want to purchase the tablet separately. If the cashier’s suppliers provide a shelf, they will probably set everything up for you. Others will tell you how easy it is to settle down.

In some cases, additional equipment may be required, e.g. B. a cash register, table stand, printer, etc.

Computer shelf/standard

A tablet or iPad holder is also very practical. It is best to consider shelf support that can be rotated in all directions when visiting customers.


One of the advantages of using racks in your POS system is that they allow merchants to e-mail receipts to customers. However, some traders like to print their own coupons.

If this is the case, you need to invest in a printer. Although you can include printers in your system, some users prefer to use printers from other manufacturers.

In any case, choose to print high quality receipts for faster results. It is also recommended to use one printer per tablet.


Your cash register system also needs the internet to function effectively. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, you have to use a hotspot. However, keep an eye on your cash register system while you do this. Ideally, your cash register system will inform you about your internet possibilities.

Credit card reader

Depending on your business needs, you can also choose a credit card reader. Since not all readers work with all POS systems, it is also important to consider your POS system before choosing a reader.

Most popular readers allow you to connect a card reader to the USB port of the device. Others are part of the universal terminal.

You can also choose to buy more advanced devices that allow you to make Android, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and other mobile payments.

Coin box

If your company accepts cash, you must have a cash drawer. Ideally, the device should be connected to the device via a USB cable or a wireless connection.

Benefits of using tablets as a point of sale

With the growing popularity of tablets as a point-of-sale system, it is thought that tablets will determine the direction in which the retail sector will evolve. The tablets are not only lightweight, but also easy to adjust. This allows merchants to manage their business from any location. That’s why you can use a shelf-top cash register system here:

Time saving

No matter what kind of business you run, a shelf-top POS system is very useful. It doesn’t matter if you work in retail or in a large company. The best thing is that it enables fast delivery, which is important for any company.

Promotes efficiency

A tablet payment system ensures not only fast delivery, but also greater efficiency. It’s best it’s easy to use. Ideally, it should only take a few minutes to train your staff in the use of the cash register system. Your employee can then use the system to check the inventory no matter where he or she is. That way they don’t spend countless hours counting the inventory.

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