Humanscale Freedom chair review – changed your posture and back pain

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Are you searching for a furniture that would help you in changing your posture and back pain? Then, I suggest you to purchase the Humanscale Freedom chair. I purchased this chair after seeing a commercial on tv for it. Now, the chair has changed my posture and I feel better.

Humanscale Freedom chair review When I was first recommended to try the Humanscale Freedom chair, I was skeptical. It seemed a little too good to be true. How could a $300 chair change your posture and improve your back pain? Should I buy it, or give it away as a gift? There’s no way my posture could improve this quickly, right? Well, it did.

The idea that your posture impacts your overall health is a widely held belief, and for good reason. Poor posture can cause a number of health issues, from back pain to neck strain and headaches. Humanscale has created a chair that you can use to change the way you sit which in turn can help improve your posture. The Freedom chair is designed to be a low-cost option for those who want to improve their posture, but at a reasonable cost.

The Humanscale Freedom chair is so named because it is designed to not have many levers and buttons. It is therefore exempted. You often have buttons and levers to adjust the office chair to your needs. The Freedom chair is self-adjusting.

That sounds pretty liberating, doesn’t it? Yes, it is. But let’s see how comfortable this liberating office chair is.

Almost no assembly required

This is one of the advantages of the Freedom chair. There is almost no need for any preparation or installation work. You only have to do two things. First you have to fix the wheels. And secondly: Connect the upper part with the lower part. Everything is pre-assembled, so you only need 5 minutes and you are ready to go.

As for the delivery, you will receive a large and heavy box. And unlike other brands, no foam padding is included to protect the seat from bumps and damage. In its place are layers of cardboard boxes. This is an attempt by the brand to become more environmentally friendly.

We received the chair without any damage. We believe the brand only ships your purchases through FedX/UPS. This way, you can be sure that it will be handled with care and there will be less chance of damage, even without polystyrene.

Self-adjusting intuitive chair

The Freedom chair is truly unique. As already mentioned, it does not have much power to act because it is self-regulating.

As you extend your arm, the chair moves with you. This will change the angle, making you feel more confident. One of our favorite features is the lumbar support and swivel back.

When you sit down in the chair, you will notice that the Freedom’s lumbar support is quite pronounced. And when you move, it moves you. When you change position, the lower back support moves with you, so we felt supported throughout the day.

But as much as we love the Freedom seat’s pronounced lumbar support, it’s not for everyone. For people with a more hunched posture, the Freedom chair seems too aggressive, or they feel it pushes them too far forward. Some have even compared it to active sitting.

So those who already have a good photo will find freedom most useful. People who are not used to sitting actively will find it very comfortable.

Another unique selling point of the chair that sets it apart is its reclining function. If you lean back, the chair will automatically recline. And if your Freedom chair is equipped with a headrest, it can add a lot of comfort. The tilt function is very easy to use. You sit there with your back to the chair.

We like it a lot. However, we have received several complaints from other users that it is too stiff. This chair might be it. Some will find that they have to put in more effort by leaning their backs against the chair.

If you find the backrest too stiff, there is a small solution to this problem. There is an Allen key that you can use to adjust the tension of the backrest. You can loosen it if it feels too stiff for your back.

Few customizable features, but good for some

Some handles and levers adjust the depth or surface of the seat, the width and height of the armrests, the headrest and the backrest.

The seat is easy to adjust, just slide it out. Please note that the Freedom chair does not come standard with a headrest. However, if you want to get the most out of this intuitive, self-adjusting chair, we recommend purchasing a headrest. It is also easily adjustable and you have the option of fully reclining the headrest.

Here are some office chairs with headrests that can be used as… Another interesting feature is that the headrest and backrest are separately adjustable. This will increase your chances of finding the most comfortable seat. This makes the chair very flexible.

For the armrests we have chosen for the better quality Duron armrests, you only have to pay more. But we wanted to see how comfortable the Freedom chair could be. And adjustable Duron armrests would have made it even more comfortable. The armrests can also be detached from the backrest, so that you can find a more comfortable position for yourself.

Although there are only a few setting options, you can use it to fine tune the parameters. They therefore offer many positions and options.

Assembly and quality

This chair is very robust, durable and reliable. And because it’s more expensive, we hope it’s more metal, which it is. It also uses a mixture of aluminum and metal and very few plastic parts. This makes the chair stable and flexible at the same time. That’s why he’s pretty heavy.

When it comes to plastic parts, this is probably the least desirable feature of the table. One of the few plastic parts is the part that connects the handles to the back of the chair. Many users complained that this was the weakest part of the table.

Not just because it’s plastic, but maybe because it was used there. Usually people put too much pressure on their arms when they get up from a chair. And this pressure can be too much for this plastic part. So it may eventually lead to the removal of hands. Therefore, some have chosen to have their hands removed.

Different options

Like the Steelcase and Herman Miller chairs, the Freedom chair offers many options for customization. The lack of handles and levers is compensated for by the wide choice of frames, armrests and upholstery.

There are also several fabric options, and even leather and an aqua gel-filled seat.


  1. The Freedom chair is very stable, robust and durable. Because it has many metal parts, the chair can be very stable. The only breakable part we found was the plastic connecting the arms to the back. Other than that, it’s a reliable chair.
  2. It offers many customizable options. But this is also the reason why the brand does not accept returns. So, this is one of the things that you should consider if you want to buy this chair. However, it comes with a generous 15-year warranty.
  3. This chair is not for everyone. You either like it or you don’t. Although they are very flexible and intuitive, some people find the lumbar support and tilt function too stiff. Therefore, people who are not used to sitting actively may find the Freedom chair too aggressive and uncomfortable.
  4. Even with a good ergonomic chair, some people cannot find a comfortable seat. Not everyone knows how to make the right settings. But with the Freedom chair, you don’t have to make any adjustments. Instead, the chair adjusts itself to find the position that suits you best.

Freedom vs Aeron

Like the Freedom chair, the Aeron chair is one of the most sought-after high-end chairs. And above all, it is known for its lumbar support. These two premium seats share a distinctive lumbar support. And some people find the bass support on both seats too aggressive.

Freedom is more unique and intuitive than Aeron. And despite the lack of handles, it still has more adjustable parts than the Aeron. So it may turn out that Freedom is more ergonomic than Aeron. Does that mean it’s more comfortable?

Not really. Many people find the backrest and the adjustment function too stiff. As a result, more and more people will find the Aeron chair more comfortable. Freedom’s intuitive and self-adjusting features are not for everyone. It is designed for those who want to get more out of active sitting.

Who wants a liberty chair? If you want a unique office chair that looks simple but has many adjustable features, this is the best option. And if you’re not afraid to be active and tend to move around a lot when you sit, the Freedom chair will give you more support.

Concluding remarks

The Freedom Chair is indeed very unique. And as unique as it is, it’s not to everyone’s taste. He is softer than Aeron, but can be more outspoken and aggressive.

Where to buy

Humanscale Freedom Chair –   A review of the Humanscale Freedom Chair, this blog post reviews the benefits of using a Freedom Chair. This chair was used in order to improve my posture and improve my back pain. The chair was used for 4 months and saw a tremendous improvement in my posture, back pain, and overall health. The product was purchased at the local Walmart store.. Read more about humanscale freedom reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Humanscale Freedom chair worth it?

The Humanscale Freedom chair is a high-quality ergonomic office chair that has been designed to be used in the workplace. It is worth it for those who work long hours and need to sit for extended periods of time.

How do you adjust Humanscale Freedom chair?

Humanscale Freedom chair is adjustable in height, tilt, and armrest.

Where is Humanscale Freedom made?

Humanscale Freedom is made in the United States.

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