Lanmodo Vast 1080P Night Vision System Review 2020

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Over the past decade, cars have become high-tech vehicles with heated seats, Bluetooth audio and touch controls. However, medium-sized vehicles are not equipped with a live night vision system. Most drivers have difficulty driving at night because it is difficult to see at night. Although street lamps should solve this problem, they do not. It is likely that most streets do not have streetlights or that the damaged streets have not been replaced.

Most drivers often have to drive at night. So, how do you clean your night vision? Well, you can use night vision systems that can be installed on the dashboard of your car. The Lanmodo Vast 1080p night vision system features a colour imaging system that allows you to see the terrain in front of you in real time on rainy and foggy days in low light.

How does the Lanmodo night vision system work?

The Lanmodo Fixed 1080P night vision system uses a front camera that provides a viewing angle of 36 degrees to far beyond the view under the headlights. The camera’s zoom focuses on distant objects at a distance of 300 meters / 1,000 feet. In addition, the camera is designed to better illuminate vehicles or obstacles that would otherwise be virtually invisible in low light.

This image is then displayed on the 8.2-inch 1080p HD screen on the back of the camera. This is a clearer, sharper image of a dark environment. To achieve such results, Lanmodo Fix works in night vision mode and captures the images in real time, improving the visibility of the details in the image. The electrical signal of the image is amplified, which slightly affects the image quality.

The system does not give a visually attractive picture, but it is clear enough to identify the dangers while driving.

How does the Lanmodo vision system differ?

First of all: Unlike other systems, the Fotoshop transmission is live. Secondly, active infrared lighting is the hallmark of this system. In contrast to passive infrared systems in which the colours of the image are distorted, Landomo’s extensive vision system has a colour image. This is due to the use of active infrared technology.

Do I have to buy a rear view camera separately?

It is interesting to know that anyone can buy a Lanmodo Fixed 1080P night vision system with or without a rear view camera. If you are very careful, it is always good to work with the front and rear cameras. However, if you have a limited budget and do not need a spare camera, you can buy this vision system without needing one.

How do I switch from the rear camera to the front camera and vice versa?

Switching between the two cameras with the Lanmodo Fixed 1080P night vision system is easy. This system is equipped with a signal switch button to switch from the display to the front camera. However, when you engage reverse gear, the rear view camera switch is activated automatically.

To get an idea of how things work, see the overview below :-.


Lanmodo night vision equipment key features at a glance

  1. 8.2 HD and 1080P High Resolution Display
  2. Automatic start
  3. Easy changeover between front and rear camera.
  4. 36° wide-angle view, night vision up to 300 m
  5. Produces clearer and more complete colour images
  6. Waterproof and 720P rear view camera with night vision function
  7. Equipped with infrared technology
  8. Available on the official Amazon website and on Lanmodo.

Promotional gifts

The Lanmodo Fixed Night vision system allows you to drive safely in low visibility conditions and improves your visibility when detecting distant objects in the dark. If you would like to purchase this protective equipment for yourself or a loved one, you can buy this product for $ 100 with the exclusive discount code LMDNV_WOT.

The holidays are fast approaching and a safe driving aid can be the best gift for your loved ones. You can buy the Lanmodo Fixed 1080P night vision system on Amazon or on the official Lanmodo website.


We all agree that driving at night and in poor visibility can be challenging, even for experienced drivers. It is equipped with a 28MM 7G optical lens with Full HD glass and can be mounted on all vehicle models. If you are looking for protective equipment for your night vision camera, then the Lanmodo Fixed 1080p system is a suitable choice, because there is a $100 coupon on the official websites of Amazon and Lanmodo. These are by far the most important safety accessories you can have in your car.

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