Microsoft Surface Mouse Review – Is it worth it?

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Microsoft Surface Mouse Review – Is it worth the price? This mouse is designed specifically for Microsoft Surface Pro 4, meaning that you get a great product with no compatibility issues and an absolute best-in-class performance.

The “microsoft surface mobile mouse review” is a product review of the Microsoft Surface Mouse. The device is designed to work with the Microsoft Surface devices and allows users to use their finger or a pen as a pointer. The reviewer gives this product 4 stars out of 5, concluding that it is worth it.

Microsoft Surface Mouse Review – Is it worth it?

Microsoft has released a new mouse, the Surface Mobile Mouse, to go along with the new Surface Go. It features a low-profile design to match the rest of the Surface product range. The Microsoft Surface Mouse review demonstrates a low-cost Bluetooth mouse that you cannot go wrong with, despite the fact that it is not a revolutionary design. It’s also available in the same color palette as the advanced Type Covers and Surface Laptop.

Let’s take a closer look at the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse:

Review of the Microsoft Surface Mouse


Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse (Silver) - KGY-00001

KGY-00001 Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse (Silver)

  • The light, lightweight, and ergonomic mouse is ideal for on-the-go navigation.
  • No cables or dongles required; connects to your Surface through Bluetooth wirelessly.
  • The enhanced wheel is designed to provide a smooth, natural scrolling experience.
  • Thanks to BlueTrack technology, it works on almost any surface.

Microsoft provides the solution for you if you want a lightweight and portable mouse with dongle-free Bluetooth connection and smooth scrolling. Their surface mouse was created with you in mind and is a must-have. It has BlueTrack technology, which allows it to function on practically any surface and makes it simple to use. His mouse, on the other hand, does not operate on mirrored or glass surfaces.

The Microsoft surface mouse is also available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose what best suits your needs, and the battery life varies based on the user and computing settings.

This mouse is necessary for precision navigation, and its low profile makes it even more enjoyable to use than a regular mouse. Furthermore, the surface mobile mouse has an appealing sculpted shape that fits nicely in your palm when using it.

The improved wheel also allows you to scroll more smoothly and organically. This mouse requires two AAA alkaline batteries to function.

Continue reading for a more in-depth look at the features of the Microsoft mobile mouse.

1. Design

The sleek Surface Pro 4 style is complemented by the Microsoft Surface Mouse, which has a gray and silver design that matches the tablet, as well as the Surface keyboard and Surface Dial. This gadget stands out with a basic, but in some ways elegant, design that ensures it will blend in with whichever device you attach it to.

The scroll wheel, which is placed between the two mouse buttons, is made of metal, giving it a sturdy and luxury feel, as well as subtle grooves on the surface for enhanced response. As a result, you won’t notice a cheap rubber or plastic scroll wheel since it looks fantastic. Instead, the simple design, created by Microsoft designers who are well-versed in ergonomics, will make you feel safe and secure.

2. Execution

The pattern of how the mouse is installed and used is broadened by this simplicity. For the time being, there is no USB dongle available; instead, the mouse connects wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.0, and because every new tablet comes with Bluetooth built-in, there is no need for a complicated-looking adapter.

Although most laptops and even some PCs should have Bluetooth, you will not be able to use the Microsoft Surface Mouse straight out of the box if the device you need to utilize the mouse does not have Bluetooth.

Assume you have a Bluetooth-enabled device with Windows 10; the setup method is straightforward. To add pairing mode, just click the Bluetooth button on the bottom of the mouse with the batteries, then use the Microsoft Windows 10 Settings app to connect the Bluetooth device. You won’t have any trouble locating and installing the Microsoft Surface Mouse with the correct drivers for Windows 10.

3. Accurate movement tracking using lasers

The mouse will be quick and sensitive once it is attached, and the laser will follow the mouse’s precise movement over a variety of surfaces, including a glossy desktop, wood, or glass. Furthermore, the mouse is lightweight (90.9 grams), making it easy to use for extended periods of time without feeling cheap or wimpy.

The ergonomic design allows the mouse to comfortably fit in your hand, making it a fantastic option for long-term usage. You will be happy when using the scroll wheel, and the metal design will feel amazing beneath your fingers, with grooves that will allow you to quickly scroll through websites and documents.

4. Surface Keyboard from Microsoft

When you combine the mouse with the full-size Microsoft Surface Keyboard to operate on a tablet, you may get a comparable experience to using a desktop PC, according to the Microsoft Surface Mouse review. Despite the fact that the Microsoft Surface mobile mouse is user-friendly and portable, it still seems like it was designed to be used at a desk.

Though the Microsoft Surface Mouse was created with Microsoft’s Surface tablets in mind, it is also compatible with other tablets running Windows 10 and Android smartphones running 4.4.2 or above, as well as Mac OS 10 PCs.

Should I Purchase the Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse?

The Surface Mobile Mouse is a very inexpensive peripheral that can be used with any device that has Bluetooth connection. The Microsoft Surface Mouse has a low-profile, thin, and innovative design that looks great in any modern setting, according to the Microsoft Surface Mouse review. However, unless you have tiny hands, the low profile form factor might render it unstable after extended use.

Is it safe to purchase the Surface Mobile Mouse? It is worth enough in terms of price since it is a go-with-the-flow mouse that you can bring with you when traveling. If you don’t have enough money to spend on a Surface Arc Mouse, the Surface Mobile Mouse is the next best thing. However, you may not want to purchase it as a main mouse for usage at home or in the workplace. Well, it depends on the individual and differs from one person to the next.

a) Buttons and Aesthetics

The Microsoft Surface Mouse is available in sapphire blue, claret, and platinum, according to the Microsoft Surface Mouse review. The varied color scheme mirrors the Surface Go and Surface Pro Signature tablets’ new color plates. They also come in the same single-toned, vibrant hues that Microsoft has used on its product lines for at least the last decade.

Upper Side (b).

The Surface Mobile Mouse’s top side is as understated as its outside appearance indicates. This mouse features a scroll wheel and a left/right click. When you turn to the bottom side, you’ll see that it’s just as plain as the top. There is just one power button, which also serves as a pairing button. It allows you to communicate with Microsoft’s Surface. Depending on how long you can press the button, you can select between pairing and power.

c) The Backside

Another thing to keep in mind about the Surface Mouse’s bottom is the lack of sticky pads. For prolonged usage, it maintains the bottom side clean and extensive. Finally, you’ll see a massive blue sensor that most likely does not like any mouse you’ve ever seen.

d) Accuracy of Sensors

What about the sensor that is blue in color? Microsoft debuts its new BlueTrack Technology with the Surface Mobile Mouse, allowing you to work on any surface. It operates by using a colossal blue light source. It typically provides a greater contrast between the surface it is scanning and the pictures captured by the optical sensor.

Optical sensors are often extremely good, although they do have some minor limitations. If they’re put on the wrong surfaces for reading, for example, you’ll notice a hiccup as your mouse cursor shakes and trembles all over the screen.

The BlueTrack Technology in this gadget allows Microsoft to take a basic sensor and convert it into something significantly more precise and capable of being utilized on a variety of physical surfaces. Do you know that the blue sensor in this mouse is four times larger than the sensor in a similar mouse? However, for a Microsoft trick to work, large amounts of blue light are required.

e) Interconnection

Bluetooth is the only method to utilize the Surface Mobile Mouse. It’s great since there are no cables or USB dongles to wrangle with. On the other side, all you need is a single mode of connection.

The mouse is Bluetooth-enabled to connect to the Surface Mobile Mouse. The design isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough for anybody who plans to modify their tools to work on more than one kind of computer.

Similarly, a wired connection would be an eye-catching feature. The Microsoft Surface Mouse review demonstrates the importance of considering connection features. So, in order to utilize this mouse on your smartphone, it must be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

f) Ergonomics and Comfort

There’s no use in having an ultra-special mouse with a slew of other functions if it’s not comfortable. By preserving the proportions of a conventional mouse, the Surface mouse maintains the natural feel of a regular mouse. Because of its low-profile design, the Surface mouse may be slipped into bags, pockets, or even carried while traveling.

This remarkable mouse is suitable for both tiny and big hands. It is a very portable and one-of-a-kind design. This mouse will feel completely natural in your palm, and the scrolling wheel will spin smoothly with your finger. Its low-profile design enables you to use a claw grasp to handle it. It all depends on how you hold the mouse; you’ll be dragging your fingers together with the borders of the flat surfaces you’re utilizing.

Though you don’t need to bring a mouse pad with you since the edges of your finger may ride down the bottom of the mouse, the sensor does. As a result, certain surfaces might not need the usage of a mouse pad. However, whether or not you need a mouse pad is entirely up to you.

Surface Arc Mouse vs. Microsoft Surface Mouse

Both of these mice are fantastic creatures with extraordinary abilities. But they’re not the same, so let’s compare them.

a). Built

The Microsoft surface mouse and the Surface arc mouse are both elegantly designed, with the latter having a more typical mouse-like size and form. It also features front-facing right and left click buttons, as well as a metal scroll wheel in the centre that is cool to the touch and has a little grating on it to make scrolling less slick.

The Surface Arc Mouse, on the other hand, is a mouse with a unique design. It has Microsoft’s signature Arch design, which makes it exceptionally light and portable. The Surface Arc Touch Mouse also lacks a proper scroll wheel since it features a single plastic touchpad on the front of the device instead of separate right and left click buttons.

The Surface Arc Mouse allows you to scroll with one or two fingers, much like a regular touchpad. Because the touchpad is a click surface, you may right or left click by pressing down on the touchpad’s right or left side, respectively.

b). Usage

The surface mouse is easy to operate and fits nicely in the hands. You may use it more often, even on a daily basis, without getting painful fingertips. The scrolling is smooth and pleasant thanks to the wheel. The arc mouse has a distinctive shape that prevents you from equally spacing your fingertips. This may induce cramping by making you clutch the mouse’s underbelly. This, however, is contingent on how you hold the mouse.

c) Batteries

The battery life of the mobile mouse is fantastic. On a single charge, it will last around a year. Furthermore, instead of charging the mouse, it is powered by batteries. As a consequence, you won’t have to constantly charge the mouse.

The Microsoft surface arc mouse has a six-month battery life and is powered by two AAA batteries. You may, however, keep it for much longer than a year. As a consequence, we can say that the battery life is excellent.

Now it’s your turn.

The Microsoft Surface Mobile mouse is an excellent addition to your computer accessories. If you have a mouse of this level, you can be more productive. It is surely costly, but it is worthwhile to purchase. When utilizing several surfaces, the amazing design and quality will provide you with a smooth working experience and superb responsiveness.

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The “microsoft surface mobile mouse (black)” is a wireless mouse that has been designed for the Microsoft Surface. The review will discuss whether or not it is worth the purchase.

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Is the Surface Pro mouse worth it?

A: The Surface Pros mouse is much better than the Apple Mouse. It has a lot of cool features, such as scrolling in different directions, precision tracking, and customizable buttons.

Is the surface mouse good?

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Does the Microsoft Surface mobile mouse work with any computer?

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