Miyoo Mini Review: Focus makes all the difference

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Miyoo is an amazing, affordable and surprisingly powerful microscope that can be used for all sorts of things. It’s great for kids and adults alike who are ready to learn more about the world they live in.

Miyoo Mini Review: Focus makes all the difference

The most recent update was on January 22, 2022.

My Miyoo Mini, another Linux/Android-based vintage gaming handheld from China, took roughly a month to arrive. During that time, I sat and watched hundreds of videos on direct rivals, ordered the Retroid Pocket 2+, and developed a dislike for the bulk of the machines that were either already on shop shelves or were about to be launched.

Miyoo mini

Ugly devices with dirty displays and a variety of buttons, created with no real regard for functionality. With Jeff Goldblum’s Jurassic Park comment, “Your scientists were so consumed with whether they could, they didn’t pause to contemplate whether they should,” there’s no emphasis in these single-board computer based handhelds.

Because the hardware inside is largely inexpensive, older versions, these primarily affordable handheld devices will never truly achieve the prime period of PS2 or Gamecube emulation at a near-perfect level. The only way this can happen is if you look at things like mini-PCs or those Steam Deck rivals that are suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Plus, as someone who dabbles with emulation on a regular basis, I don’t really want or need these consoles on a portable device. I want them on my 4K monitor or TV, upscaling yesterday’s games to the way my mind imagines them. Alternatively, you could simply play the remasters that come out on a near-daily basis.

So, if you’ve scrolled down and returned to this paragraph, why do I hold the Miyoo Mini in such high regard? It has a focussed sense about it.

straight to the point

The Miyoo Mini greets you with a menu selection screen and both emulation choices as soon as you turn it on. RetroArch or the ones that came pre-installed with the console, with varied performance discrepancies between the two, as with other emulation devices.

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The Miyoo Mini is a delight to really play games on since you can get into a game within thirty seconds of booting and because you have a range of emulators that all perform superbly with no real difficulties apart from some minor compatibility concerns with tougher to run titles. Many of these consoles aim to be all things to all people, rather than concentrating on what they’re excellent at. When I have a gadget that allows me to explore the Wonder Swan, Neo Geo Pocket, and revisit Gameboy Advance titles that I love or never got around to playing, I don’t need Wind Waker or Final Fantasy X on the move.

It’s clean, straightforward, and quick, with no frills other from maybe a suggestion to replace the microSD card with something quicker and more trustworthy. The Mini doesn’t have internet access, so you’ll have to download ROMs and updates from a PC, although mine arrived with a suspicious SD card full of them.

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The physical appearance of the system, too, immediately reflects this intent on becoming a go-to for a certain batch of consoles. Because it lacks a stick or nub, it eliminates all home consoles beyond the PS1, but leaves the portable area open until the GBA. The directional pad is adequate, albeit a touch spongey, and all of the face buttons have a pleasant push.

The four shoulder buttons on the rear are a strange but not horrible addition. These may not see much action outside of certain consoles, but when they do, they’re a blast to use.

It’s a delight to play on, and that’s mostly due to the screen.

Bezels are out.

The Miyoo Mini sports a vibrant LCD display that is bright enough in all lighting conditions and has the ideal aspect ratio for everything it supports. The device’s overall quality is greatly enhanced by the 4:3 screen with small bezels. It also helps that the classic grey color scheme and plastic casing give the impression of being high-end.

The speakers aren’t great, but the most of the games that this device supports aren’t great either. The delicate melodies of the Wonder Swan emanating through tiny speakers are unlikely to be missed.

While there are currently no replacements available, the battery is detachable. However, it does not allow contemporary rapid charging through USB-C (which also does not enable data transfers), requiring you to wait a long time for the meager 1900mAh battery to charge for a few hours of gameplay.

This is something I really like.

I like this small gadget; despite its flaws, it is a fantastic item that comes at an even better price. With its high quality construction, amazing support, and built-in RetroArch choices, the Miyoo Mini has blown all expectations out of the water for just $60.

But it’s the device’s focal point that I really like. There’s no use in attempting to accomplish more than the hardware will allow; once everything is in place, the overall closed down sensation helps me to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Because there is no way to move beyond the PS1 owing to controller and physical limitations, I have this fantastic gadget that will most likely remain in my daily bag for as long as it lasts.

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