MTG Best Voltron Cards – Boost Your Voltron Creatures and Commanders

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When looking at the best Voltron cards, I’ll take a look at a few cards that can help you make this deck a powerful one. These include Shimmer Dragon, Momentous Fall, and Commander’s Plate.

Keeping these cards in your deck will allow you to take advantage of their unique abilities.

1. Commander’s Plate

Voltron decks often have a strong offensive strategy. However, they are vulnerable to removal spells. Many creatures are protected by Auras or Equipment, so removing a creature with protection can lead to a big loss in card advantage. To counter these threats, Voltron players can use combat keywords such as lifelink and vigilance. These keywords will help protect their Voltrons and reduce the amount of time they take to be destroyed by their opponents.

Another good piece of Equipment-focused protection in Voltron decks is the Commander’s Plate. This card gives its commander protection from all colors that are not in his or her color identity. This makes it an ideal choice for one or two-color decks. It also makes it difficult for buff beaters to make contact with your commander.

When it comes to drafting for the Commander’s Plate, you’ll need to consider how much value you’re willing to spend on this card. It’s not a “value engine” per se, but it can definitely give your deck a boost. As long as you don’t go overboard, Voltron is an excellent choice for this deck type.

The Commander’s Plate is one of the most powerful cards in Commander. When used in conjunction with other Voltron cards, it allows you to control the game with a Voltron commander. This type of commander allows you to do a huge amount of damage and can eliminate your opponent without taking too many steps.

2. Momentous Fall

Momentous Fall is a great time to build Voltron decks. Voltron is a colorless commander that has a ton of options in the game. Most of these cards have cheap countermagic or are exalted, and they are good for creating Voltron-y creatures. There are also a couple of great Equipment cards in this set.

The best Voltron commanders are the ones that give their deck a bit of extra “mph.” Of course, card advantage is important in Commanders, and more cards mean more options. However, not all Voltron commanders are value engines, so be sure to choose wisely. Some of them have great combinations of card draw spells, equipment, and auras.

Voltron commanders can span a number of colors, and many of them are extremely powerful. In the commander format, they are generally in Boros, but they are also popular in other colors. One of the most effective Voltron commanders is Isamaru, Hound of Konda. This commander costs one white mana and almost always gets cast on the first turn.

Another good Voltron commander is Syr Gwyn, Enlightened Master, a Selesnya 1/2 that grants the controller life and draws a card when the player uses an enchantment. This commander can also take advantage of Selesnya auras, such as Bear Umbra. Another great option is Galea, Kindler of Hope, which can use various enchantments and auras, but also never run out of gas.

3. High Market

Voltron is a highly popular card in the Modern Standard format. It is a versatile card that can be used in many different decks. These cards can also be used as commanders. A Voltron commander can turn your offensive strategy into your best defense by creating creatures that are dangerous and can disrupt your opponents’ turn. Additionally, Voltrons come with combat keywords such as vigilance and lifelink. These can be very useful when fighting against insurmountable enemies, and can also help reduce the chances of dying during enemy attack steps.

You can get Voltron equipment from the Trading Post and Academy Ruins. They are very helpful in the Voltron deck because they can make bodies and equipment over again. In addition, you can use these cards to make tokens, which is an important part of Voltron decks.

A Voltron deck should always have at least one High Market card. The recursion-capable effect of the card High Market allows you to bounce removal while also providing life. Its ability to recur allows it to escape exile and bounce removal from your opponent’s hand. This makes it an excellent card for any Voltron deck.

In addition to being powerful, Voltron decks are also extremely fast. A Voltron commander with seven power can eliminate an opponent with three attacks, while those with eleven and twenty can eliminate their opponent in two attacks. In addition, a Voltron commander with 21 power will need only one attack step to deal 21 damage.

4. Argothian Enchantress

Argothian Enchantress is an enchantment spell that allows a player to cast enchantments on their opponents with no cost. This makes her an excellent choice in any Voltron deck. You can also play her as a general, since she has a high base damage, and her auras make her more useful in combat.

Argothian Enchantress has many uses, but her most useful feature is her ability to be cast early in the game. Unlike other MTG cards that require mana, she can cast her abilities at any time, and High Market can help you to get out of exile faster. Her other abilities, such as Momentous Fall, enable her to bounce removal and grant you life.

Another good Voltron commander is Isamaru. Her high-damage ability can help you disrupt your opponent with her quick attacks. You should also play creatures with good value, like Ruhan of the Fomori, which costs only 4 mana and has a clause that allows it to attack you every turn.

The Argothian Enchantress is a 2/2 enchantment creature that has Shroud and Enchantress. Her Shroud allows her to draw a card whenever she casts an enchantment spell, and she pays for itself quickly. Argothian Enchantress is also great in combo-control decks. You can use her to control the game and cast enchantments to give yourself an advantage over your opponent.

The Argothian Enchantress is also an excellent choice for a Voltron deck. She plays a variety of Auras and Control Cards. In addition, she can also play prisons, which can help you gain an edge over your opponent.

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