MTG Best Voltron Cards – Boost Your Voltron Creatures and Commanders 2021

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This is a set review of the best Voltron Commanders in the entire history of Magic the Gathering.

We all love the Voltron TCG, and with this year’s new set, you can expand your collection even further! We’ve compiled a list of the best cards from the set, as well as a few other cards that can greatly improve your deck. Let us know if there’s any cards missing from the list, and we’ll update it as more cards are released!

I’ve had a ton of fun with the new Commander (or Commander (EDH)) deck sets over the last few years, and I got to thinking about what cards I like to use in the deck, and what strategies I use to maximize my wins.

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It’s like Godzilla rampaging through a defenseless city when you play MTG with a Voltron Deck against an unprepared or unfortunate opponent. Continue reading to see which of the finest MTG Voltron Cards can help you improve your Voltron game forever.  

The Top 10 Voltron Cards

Angelic Destiny is number one.

Magic The Gathering Angelic Destiny

Angelic Destiny, a white mythic rare Enchantment – Aura that costs 2 colorless mana and 2 plains lands, is one of the greatest Voltron cards in MTG. The card triggers a +4/+4 boost to power and defense whenever it lands on the board, linked to a creature you control.

Along with its other kinds and abilities, Angelic Destiny gives the charmed monster flight, first strike, and Angelic status. What’s the greatest part? You get to return this little beauty to your hand when the charmed creature dies (Angelic Destiny, not the dead creature).

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2. The Mask of Ancestors

Magic The Gathering - Ancestral Mask (157/249) - Eternal Masters

Another excellent Enchantment – Aura for boosting your Voltron creature/commander when the time comes is Ancestral Mask. It’s green and casts for two colorless mana and one forest land. 

Attach a +2/+2 booster to the creature you’re enchanting for each other enchantment on the battlefield (even ones not controlled by you!) when you put Ancestral Mask into play. Needless to say, in the late game, this card may help you deal some serious damage.

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3. Beacon of Command

Magic The Gathering - Command Beacon (056/342) - Commander 2015

A Command Beacon is a must-have for every Voltron deck. This colorless land gives you the option of tapping for a colorless mana of your choosing or tapping and sacrificing the card to return your commander to your hand.

As you can see, Command Beacon is an essential necessity in a Voltron deck. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to restore your commander to your hand at any time.

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Cloak of the Armadillo

Magic The Gathering - Armadillo Cloak - Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs The Coalition

Armadillo Cloak is an uncommon red and white enchantment that may be used to enhance your creature or commander. Armadillo Cloak provides an enchanted creature a +2/+2 boost as well as trample for 1 colorless mana, 1 forest land, and 1 plains land. 

The fact that your enchanted creature also has life-link ability makes Armadillo Cloak more appealing than the ordinary card. Every time it inflicts harm, you get the equivalent number of health points.

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Armored Ascension is the fifth level of the Armored Ascension game.

Magic The Gathering - Armored Ascension - Magic 2010

The Armored Ascension is a rare class white Enchantment -Aura. Armored Ascension lets you to put as many +1/+1 counters on a creature as you control plains for a semi-affordable cost of 3 colorless mana and 1 plains land. 

Armored Ascension also gives the charmed monster the ability to fly. Armored Ascension is one of the few uncommon enchantments in the Voltron game that allows you to swiftly and easily increase the strength and protection of your creature or commander.

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6. Suit of Assault

Magic The Gathering - Assault Suit (053/337) - Commander 2014

Another excellent uncommon and semi-affordable card for enhancing commanders or monsters in Voltron decks is Assault Suit. The card is an Artifact – Equipment that gives a +2/+2 boost to power and defense to a creature or commander of your choosing. 

The twist is that the creature or commander it’s on can’t be sacrificed, can’t attack you or your planeswalkers, and haste. Even more so, at the start of each other’s upkeep? You may have the player take control of the creature with the equipment until their turn ends.

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Banshee’s Blade is number seven.

Magic The Gathering - Banshee39;s Blade - Mirrodin

The Banshee’s Blade is an inconic colorless Artifact – Equipment with a casting cost of 2 colorless mana. You may connect Banshee’s Blade to any creature you choose for an extra 2 colorless mana. 

When Banshee’s Blade is equipped, creatures that deal damage acquire 1 charge counter each time they do so. The enchanted creature gains a +1/+1 boost to its power and defense for each charge counter on it.

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Argentum Armor is the eighth level of Argentum Armor.

Magic The Gathering Argentum Armor

I understand your point of view. Isn’t he the one with the Artifact Equipment? But, really, we’re discussing Voltron Cards. Argentum Armor is a fantastic piece of gear for creature commanders in Voltron decks.

Argentum Armor costs 6 colorless mana to equip and costs 6 additional colorless mana to use. It gives a creature or Commander a +6/+6 increase to power and defense. What makes Argentum Armor so powerful is because it assaults every time? You have the option of destroying a permanent target.

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9. Charm of Boros

Magic The Gathering - Boros Charm (179/356) - Commander 2013

When you have a powerful Commander or creature on the field and you’re playing Voltron style, you’ll need strong Instant cards like Boros Charm (at least one or two!). The price is more than reasonable for one mountain country and one plains region, given the variety of spells available.

When you play Boros Charm, you get one of the following Instant spells: 

  1. Deal 4 damage to the person you’ve chosen.
  2. Until the end of the round, all permanents you control become indestructible.
  3. The creature you choose gets a double strike.

Is there anything more we can say? On a one-creature or Commander Voltron deck, this flexible Instant provides you the advantage you need.

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ten. animosity

Magic: the Gathering - Hatred - Exodus

Hatred, despite its name, is all love, darling! With a casting cost of 3 colorless mana and two swamp lands, this lovely little rare Instant card enables you to quickly boost your Commander or Voltron monster. 

Transfer X amount of power with zero defense (+X/+0) to the target creature of your choosing until the end of your turn by paying X amount of life (whatever number of life points you choose to spend). 

Hold Hatred in your hand until your creature or commander is already attacking and dealing damage to one of your opponent’s biggest creatures. That is, wait until the opponent has stated how they would block before playing the Instant.

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Voltron Cards: Frequently Asked Questions

In MTG, who is Voltron?

In Magic: the Gathering, Voltron is a style of play that entails putting one creature into play and rallying the rest of the deck behind it. Aside from Commander class creatures, spells, enchantments, and auras are common in Voltron decks.

What is the difference between a Voltron EDH deck and a Voltron EDH deck?

A MTG Voltron EDH deck focuses on casting a single monster each game and enhancing that creature with extra cards like as instants, sorceries, enchantments, artifacts, and equipment.

Which Voltron Commander is the best?

There is no such thing as the “best” Commander. However, Narset, Uril, and Galea are often regarded as MTG’s most strong Commander cards. Keep in mind that a Commander’s strength is derived by the cards that are played in conjunction with it.

What’s a commander? It’s a rare magical creature that commands a team of other creatures. In the famous franchise, Voltron, a team of five legendary robots was commanded by a single commander. Voltron was the first product to combine the collectible card game (CCG) and the anime series. The five legendary robots—all of them commandable—were created by the brilliant Zarkon, the villain of the series, who was seeking to conquer the universe. Three other characters—all of them legendary—joined the team at different times.. Read more about mtg best equipment creatures and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 2021 Commander deck?

The best deck for Commander in 2021 is the Mono-Black Control deck.

Is Voltron good in Commander?

Voltron is a good Commander deck.

Can Voltron be competitive?

Yes, Voltron is a competitive game.

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