MTG How Many Lands? (EXPLAINED)

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Magic the Gathering is a trading card game with over 20 years of history and an ever-growing fanbase. In this blog, I will review some of my favorite decks from around the community as well as discuss how to buy Magic cards (and more!) in general.

The “mtg how many lands calculator” is a tool that helps players calculate the number of lands they need to play in Magic: The Gathering. It can be used by both beginners and experienced players.

MTG How Many Lands? (EXPLAINED)

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If you’re new to magic, you’re probably still learning about the various lands and what each hue represents.

You could also be asking how many lands you should have in your deck or how many you should keep on your sideboard.

Continue reading to find out the answers to all of your MTG how many lands questions!

How many lands do you have in MTG?

There are five primary kinds of lands in the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering: plains, swamps, islands, forests, and mountains. There are various varieties of special lands in addition to basic lands, such as land cards with two mana types and double single-color mana for the price of one.

The following are examples of basic lands:

lands of the plains

Magic The Gathering - Plains - Full Art (232) - Zendikar

From the Zendikar set, this is a normal white plains land card.

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Swampy areas

Magic: the Gathering - Snow-Covered Swamp - Coldsnap

From the Coldsnap series, a basic Swamp land card.

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Lands on islands

Magic: The Gathering - Island (251) - Theros Beyond Death

From the core set of Theros Beyond Death, this is a normal basic Island land card.

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Lands in the forest

Forest (254) - Foil

In this elegant foil edition, this lovely simple woodland area doesn’t appear that basic!

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Mountainous regions

Magic: The Gathering - Mountain (253) - Theros Beyond Death

This common mountain land card is one of the later image designs, and its arrangement differs from the initial mountain cards, as can be seen.

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“How Many Lands”: Frequently Asked Questions MTG

MTG, how many lands do I require?

Your MTG deck will need 60, 80, or 100 cards, depending on the mode you’re playing (at least). That implies you’ll need anything from 18 to 40 cards in your deck. A good rule of thumb is to have one land for every three cards. Make sure to include a few extra lands in your deck if you’re using cards with high casting costs.

In MTG, how many different land types are there?

Plains, swamps, forests, mountains, and islands are the five basic kinds of lands in Magic: the Gathering. Plains and wetlands are white, woodlands and forests are green, mountains are red, and islands are blue. There are unique lands that come with additional powers in addition to normal lands (like adding extra mana or dealing damage).

When it comes to Commander, how many basic lands should you have?

Players in the MTG game style Commander utilize 100-card decks. You’ll need at least 33 or 35 cards in your Commander deck if you follow the common rule of thumb. Most players, though, add a few more lands for good measure, filling their decks with 38 to 40 land cards.

In an MTG Draft Deck, how many lands should there be?

Technically, if you’re playing MTG according to the Booster Draft rules, you may have as many lands as you desire. However, if you want to gain a competitive advantage, you should have 18 land cards in your MTG Draft Deck.

In a 60-card deck, how many lands should there be?

Depending on the kind of cards, whether the deck is mono-colored or multi-colored, and other criteria, standard 60 card MTG decks often include 18 to 25 lands. This figure is calculated by using the basic rule of thumb and adding a few additional lands for good measure.

In a two-color deck, how many lands should there be?

The quantity of land you should have in a 2-color MTG deck depends on the cards you’re playing. Land cards must make up at least 40% of your deck if they have high mana costs or need both colors. The only exception is if all dual lands are used. You can get away with 20 to 30% of your deck containing land cards in this instance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lands do I need MTG?

A: You need ten lands to start playing. This includes two Mountains and one Island as well as five Forests or Swamps

How many lands can you play in Magic?

A: The answer to this question is dependent on how you define land. There are a total of 360 cards in Magic. When we say land, we mean the creatures that put up plains and forests when they enter play. The number of lands one player can play depends on how many Plains and Forests they have in their deck.

How is land calculated MTG?

A: A lands converted mana cost is a number that represents how much it would cost to cast the card. The higher this number, the harder it is for you to be able to play a land without paying extra costs or tapping other lands – which makes playing large creatures more difficult. This means that cards with high CMC are more likely to have an impact on the game than ones with low CMC because they can tap multiple lands in one turn and provide huge effects when played at sorcery speed.

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