Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 – Battle Between Two Prime Gaming Chairs

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When it comes to gaming chairs, space is key. You want a chair that can help with your back pain and provide the best ergonomic support while being comfortable enough for extended periods of playing time without giving up on style and comfort. That’s where these two chairs come in: an industry standard from Noblechairs, one of the top names in premium office furniture, vs Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 – Battle Between Two Prime Gaming Chairs

The “noblechairs hero vs secretlab titan reddit” is a battle between two prime gaming chairs. The noblechairs Hero and the Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 are both high-end chairs that have a lot of features.

Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 - Battle Between Two Prime Gaming Chairs

Hero vs Secretlab Titan EVO 2022

So today’s comparison will be intriguing since we’ll be pitting two prominent gaming chairs against one another: the Hero Noblechairs and the Secretlab Titan EVO 2022. Both are regarded as having one of, if not the greatest, ranges of each brand. 

Let’s have a look at how we might compare them. 

Showdown Hero Noblechairs  Titan EVO 2022 by Secretlab 
Material PU leather, high-end imitation leather, genuine leather, or cloth are all options.


Leatherette, softweave, or leather are all options.
Capacity for weight 330 lbs
  • 200 lbs. petite
  • 220 lbs. regular
  • 395 pounds XL
Range of seat heights 50.8′′–53.9′′
  • 50″ – 52.8″ x 50″ – 52.8″ x 50″ – 5
  • 51.2″ – 54″ regular
  • 53.1″-56.9″ XL
Support for the lower back Depth Adjustable Support for the lower back Height and depth adjustable Support for the lower back
breadth of the seat 28”
  • 22″ regular
  • Small and XL sizes ( NA)
Arms 4D 4D
Support for the head and neck yes yes
Neck support removable magnetic
Mechanism for tilting yes yes
Mechanism for rocking yes none
The ability to recline Up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit

Temperatures of up to 155 degrees

165 degrees Fahrenheit
Price Check Check

It will be difficult to choose between these two options. They are almost identical in price and are both quite premium items from the company. Any of the two gaming seats is a terrific investment in our opinion. However, there must be some form of comparison, particularly if you have specific requirements.


Yes, it’ll be difficult, but someone has to do it. So, let’s get started.

Both are attractive, but each has a distinct set of design possibilities.

You will always fall short in terms of upholstery and design, regardless of which of the two you pick.

You may choose from four different upholstery choices for your Hero chair. In addition, the fundamental unit is made of synthetic PU leather. And for this piece, we went with a more traditional look, with our Hero chair sporting an all-black exterior. 

It has a simple approach, yet one that is incredibly sophisticated. We also preferred the seat design over that of the Icon chair. The Noblechairs Icon featured a reclining vehicle seat that looked a lot like what you’d see in a sports car. While it seems to be gaming-ready, this restricts who may use the chair. 

And, as we previously said, it did not scrimp on the alternatives. You might choose for a more visual gaming chair with vivid designs if you want. You may purchase the same black chair with colorful stitching on the backrest if you want to keep the minimalist aesthetic but add some color. 

However, if you really want to go all out, you may discover unique designs with graphic drawings. They also provide printed designs and cartoon-style layouts. As a result, the brand was able to appeal to two distinct audiences: minimalists and those who want to go all out.

The EVO 2022 is available in a variety of colors as well. There are five basic hues and five vibrant pastel tones to pick from. 

secretlab the witcher gaming chair

The pastel hues are quite adorable, and female gamers will be ecstatic to get their hands on one. Though you won’t find designs as unique and printed as the Hero. You may pick a different style of upholstery, such as the Softweave cloth, if you wish to give the chair additional texture. 

Although the texture is slight, the manufacturer believes that it is an improvement over the prior Softweave cloth used in their previous gaming chairs. 

One is more liberated, while the other feels like it’s holding you. 

One of the distinctions between the Hero and the EVO 2022 is this. Many people may choose the Hero because of its spacious, flat seat. It lacks the bucket-style seat, which limits mobility. It also features a simple, virtually flat backrest, making it a very basic gaming chair. This is in contrast to the Noblechairs’ other product lines. 

Hero Noblechairs Fallout Edition

On the other hand, the EVO 2022 has a bucket-style seat. But it’s a little change; the side flaps aren’t as prominent. 

And since the EVO has a wide seat too, there’ll be fewer chances that you’ll bump your hips on the flaps. But it will have this cradling and hugging sensation. Though the EVO 2022 is available in three sizes. The breadth of the seat of the small measures 22”, but that of the larger sizes are not fully disclosed, but it does seem wider and larger than 22 “.

On the other side, the Hero features a fairly broad seat. And, according to the brand, when compared to their other units, this is the largest. With a length of 28″, it’s rather luxurious, and without the flaps, it can suit individuals with larger hips. 

The EVO 2022 features a pebble-style seat, which is a benefit. This is designed to pull you toward the chair’s core. As a result, it might assist you in achieving a healthier sitting posture.

When it came to the backrest, we made the same comparison. The Hero’s backrest is flatter, with a little curve at the sides that is hardly apparent. The Secretlab Titan EVO chair, on the other hand, features a flap that embraces you as you lean against it, creating a cradling effect. 

To summarize, the EVO is more cradling, thanks to a modest bucket-style seat and little flaps on the backrest’s sides. On the other side, the EVO 2022 seems more liberated. 

So, which is the best option? 

Everyone will be looking for a different kind of tea. Hero seems to be more suited to obese consumers with very broad hips and buttocks. Despite the fact that the EVO comes in three sizes, people with additional hips may find it overly clinging. Unless you like that style of sitting, in which case this is your chair. 

titan secretlab

The Hero, on the other hand, is a great choice if you want a more freeing sitting experience. 

For these two gaming chair companies, adjustability reigns supreme. 

These two gaming chairs are hardly slouches when it comes to keeping up with the pack. They seem to be at their apex, despite the large number of modifiable elements. Both units are regarded to be among the top in their respective categories, so we’re witnessing the best of the lot.

The magnetic headrest is the most recent innovation to an EVO 2022 gaming chair. This is quite handy, and I think that it compensates for the lack of supreme comfort. However, there is one problem: the magnetic strip seems to be too tiny. As a result, it isn’t infallible; if you bump it, it may tumble to the floor. However, it is really comfortable.

Even the Support for the lower back of the EVO 2022 has a new take. The 2020 EVO Support for the lower back is only depth adjustable, so it limits the number of users who can find the chair very comfortable. The EVO 2022, on the other hand, has both a height and depth adjustable lumbar. And each adjustment has its own dial located at each side of the chair. YOu can even adjust it while you are seated.

The Support for the lower back of the 2020 versions is already good, but when the brand made it height-adjustable, it can be appreciated by more users. You can also fine-tune the Support for the lower back according to how you want it. 

The Support for the lower back of the Hero, though better than that of the previous model, falls kind of short when compared to the EVO 2022. It features a dial that you can turn and it protrudes the Support for the lower back. But the max protrusion is only at 1.5”. So this can be unnoticeable for those who need more depth for the lower back. And since you can’t adjust the height of the lower back support, there is also a limitation.

A “rockstar” is one of these gaming seats.

And when we said rockstar, we really meant it. Even if the Hero is in a reclined posture, you will be able to rock it. This is undoubtedly one of the Noblechiars unit’s most distinctive characteristics. 

135 degrees is the maximum reclining angle. However, if the recliner is equipped with a rocking feature, it may be adjusted to a maximum of 155 degrees. This function might be a real pleasure for gamers, particularly if you plan on playing from nightfall until morning.

On the other side, the Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 isn’t far behind. You’ll be able to recline the chair. It also includes tilt tension, which allows you to adjust the strength of the tilt. It does not, however, feature the Hero’s rocking action. 

Yes, there are still certain parts that aren’t that great.

As a result, this will be a brief part since these two brands are very durable and comfy. They are the enhanced versions of the previous units or their predecessors. So, whatever chair you choose, you’ll get more out of it.

Here are our # whatcouldhavebeenbetter suggestions for the SecretlabTitan Evo 2022. One, there is some noise coming from the lumbar area when you adjust it. However, after a few days of usage, it becomes evident and disappears. There might be some type of acclimatization phase. 

In the case of the Hero, the tilt feature is part of our #whatcouldhavebeenbetter. 

Isn’t it true that the backrest may be fully reclined? However, we discovered that when it’s at full blast, it tends to tip to one side. We can see that the chair is slightly tilting to one side, albeit it isn’t noticeable and doesn’t make it less stable. We simply don’t know whether it applies to all units. Otherwise, there might be a manufacturing or quality control issue. 

white version of Hero Noblechairs

So, what are our options?

The EVO 2022 chair has a number of elements that show that a lot of attention went into design. We really like the Softweave fabric and how well it’s stitched. Other sections of the chair, apart from the magnetic headrest, are magnetic. 

The coverings on the sides, for example, are magnetic. This is also true of the other Secretlab gaming seats. Traditional coverings for the Hero, on the other hand, required screwing. 

Also, the headrest of the Secretlab has a nice memory foam material and sort of has a cooling gel material too. The covering is also pretty sleek and nice. So it won’t get hot and it’s really comfortable and soft. The Hero also has a Neck support, but it’s not as comfy and soft as the EVO 2022.

Both gaming chairs provide strong support. As a result, it provides the same level of support as ergonomic seats do. These may also be used in your home office. 

For the Support for the lower back, we had to go for the EVO 2022, it’s 2 way adjustable. And Hero is only depth adjustable and we find the max1.5” protrusion lacking. But it does come with a lumbar pillow for additional support. 

Both gaming chairs have very strong and long-lasting arms. The EVO 2022, on the other hand, includes plaques on both sides that elevate the chair’s status. Both brands feature 4D arms, although Secretlab’s seem to be more finished.

As a result, making a decision is fairly challenging. So there you have it, our ultimate conclusion.

When it comes to durability, ergonomics, and price you can never go wrong with either chair. But those who need more advanced and better Support for the lower back, go for the EVO 2022. 

If you have very broad hips and don’t want to be cradled, the Hero’s flap-free seat and backrest design will be more suitable. The Hero also features a more modest and basic appearance, as well as a smaller logo. So, if you don’t want a prominent branding, the Hero chair in simple black is the way to go. 

Also, keep in mind that both gaming chairs give substantial support; they aren’t likely to be soft or fluffy. As a result, if you want a softer seat, none of these chairs will suffice. 

However, both are highly recommended in terms of quality, workmanship, lifespan, and features. 

The “noblechairs hero vs razer iskur” is a battle between two prime gaming chairs. The noblechairs hero and the secretlab titan evo 2022 are both high-end chairs that provide an immersive experience for gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats better Secretlab or Noblechairs?

A: This is too close to call.

What is the best gaming chair in the World 2021?

A: The best gaming chair in the world is an office chair with a footrest.

Is the Secretlab Titan worth the money?

A: There are many factors that go into determining whether a product is worth your money or not. It would be best for you to do some research on the Secretlab Titan and then come back here with me.

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