The Canon EOS R Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera and The New RF Lens Mount

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Canon Inc. has always invested in producing innovative technology and futuristic features for cameras. From the launch of the first prototype 35mm camera in Japan in 1934 to the first camera integrated into a microcomputer in 1976, the company has worked to develop state-of-the-art camera technology.

Today, the great brand has diversified into electronics like printers, but the intuition and innovation that goes into their lenses and camera bodies is just brilliant and unsurpassed. Other well-known brands like Sony and Nikon are following the trend in upgrading camera technology.

The brand known for its diverse collection of Canon DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and interchangeable lenses is now a pioneer in the mirrorless camera category. In 2018, Canon launched a futuristic new era in photography and videography with the EOS R-series mirrorless full-frame lenses. Let’s see the need to switch from the standard EF mount to a more customizable mount and see how it fits better.

Why prefer Canon RF lenses?

The RF mount is superior to conventional EF mounts in many ways. The new port features a lens control ring that provides intuitive operation and customizable options for ISO and shutter speeds. The new generation machine is compact in size. The lens size for an RF lens mount is about 25% or smaller than that of an EF lens mount! Significant size loss is unique in the photography industry. The smaller body and lenses make the package easy to transport and durable for travelers and wildlife photographers who are always on the go.

The new bracket generation is also available with smaller flange distances. The flange distance is the distance between the lens mount and the camera sensor. A shorter distance means that the sensor receives light at a short distance, reducing the likelihood of ghosting and flare. So the next time you take pictures with this system, you will definitely get a sharper image, both in the middle and at the edges. In addition, the aperture value for this focal length is larger than that of the conventional lens mount system.

These features minimize aberrations and contribute to a more efficient lens layout that enables better image quality and performance in a more compact design, Canon said.

Canon EOS RFull-frame camera without mirror

The Canon EOS R is a revolutionary camera that introduced RF mount lens technology into the category of mirrorless cameras produced by Canon Inc. The original product had minor limitations when it was released in 2018. But a firmware upgrade to v1.6 in 2019, an improved RF lens kit, and a slightly lower price point make it one of the best mirrorless cameras you can buy in 2021!

Highlights of the Canon EOS R :

  • 30.3 megapixel dual-pixel full-frame CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC 8 processor
  • Dual pixel CMOS auto focus: 5655 AF points
  • Display: 3.69-meter electronic OLED viewfinder
  • UHD 4K video recording
  • ISO 50-102400 range
  •  8 frames per second or picture per second
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, UHS-II SD card slot


Deep, sturdy and ergonomic, it offers durable camera storage and easy, stable handling. The device is equipped with practical buttons, which are easy to find thanks to the curved and practical design.

A 30.3 megapixel full-frame sensor (like the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV) and dual-pixel AF CMOS ensure stunning, sharp, high-resolution results like never before! A DIGIC 8 processor and an integrated digital optimizer provide faster results and better low-light performance.

The DLO or Digital Lens Optimizer feature reduces the chance of image distortion and gives you cleaner images that you can proudly publish without any adjustment! The original ISO range of 100 to 40,000 can be extended to ISO 50 and 102,400, just as on the large Mark IV.

New generation of bayonet for RF lenses

Among many innovations, the introduction of the RF lens mount is a groundbreaking development for Canon. The diameter of 54 mm and the distance of 20 mm between the flanges are welcome features that reduce aberrations or ghost images in photography, especially at the edges. The improved 12-pin connector is promising because of the fundamental increase in data transfer rate between the lens and the camera body.

Another notable feature improved in the HF lens mount is the proven 12-pin connector. This is an improvement over the previous 8-pin connector present on the EF lens mount.

This technology increases the speed of data transfer between the lens and the camera body. In short, it offers faster boot speed, real-time OLD and better IS. The RF lens combines Hybrid-IS and Dual-Sensibility-IS and produces images with reasonably good stabilization.

Large AF:

The dual-pixel autofocus combines two different photodiodes to 5,655 sensor elements with phase detection. Shoot with 5,655 focus positions, giving you unlimited possibilities in a single shot! The size of the focus area covers 100% of the screen in the vertical direction and 88% from left to right. The focus and selection of resources are also interesting. It is very useful for macro and landscape photography because it provides a wide range of focusing options in full-frame mode.

This means that once you register, you don’t have to do any more cutting!

Video quality:

Interestingly, the EOS R is only in third place when it comes to Canon 4k video quality. Here, unlike many competitors, there’s a small 1.7x video image. Many videographers see this as a limitation compared to other brands that offer seamless 4k recording.

Other characteristics:

The multi-function bar above the camera is well noticed and appreciated by many photographers. Once you get used to it, you can easily adjust the settings of the on-screen buttons. The ability to hinge the screen is worthwhile and is an improvement over previous models.

The focus ring at the end is a great addition! The equipment can be used completely manually by adjusting the camera on one side and the ISO on the other.

The electronic viewfinder or electronic viewfinder of a mirrorless camera shows the image in real time and much better than a DSLR! An OLED viewfinder with 3.6 million dots and a magnification of 0.76 brings the resolution range of the Nikon 27 or Z6 closer. Thanks to the touchscreen function, you can easily follow your subject. The Vari-Angle touchscreen on the back lets you capture the scene from different angles.

Performance indicators:

The mirrorless camera offers great possibilities for wildlife, travel and landscape photographers. Excellent outdoor performance when tested at various temperatures. The dust and drip resistant O-ring is a big plus when used for travel or landscaping.

The Vari-Angle function allows you to shoot one subject from multiple angles. The adapter’s control ring, which attaches to the control ring of the EF- EOS R, reaches a new level. The ability to easily change ISO, shutter speed or aperture makes the job easy and convenient for both the novice and experienced artist.

For portraits, you can use Face Detection and Eye AF. With these settings, you can not only track your face, but also find the nearest eye.

For the street photographer, the functionality of the Silent Shutter is a big plus.

Slight disadvantage

Like any other device, this model also has a few drawbacks. For example, the lack of a second card slot, the built-in flash, the autofocus joystick, IBIS and the NFC mode have been criticized.

For videographers and bloggers, the value of cropping to 4k video is an important issue. Nikon is generally a winner in this category and is preferred for excellent 4k seamless videos. Although the brand has tried to make adjustments with the M.Fn touch bar and lens control ring, the lack of recording or calling up custom shooting functions is a limitation compared to traditional DSLRs.

The new generation RF lens mount, impressive autofocus and other features make it an excellent camera to buy. You might have to make a few minor adjustments for Canon’s first mirrorless full-frame camera, but overall it’s a great kit. Enthusiasts around the world use it to take photos, record videos and blog. The expert level camera is a futuristic camera manufactured by a popular brand in the camera manufacturing industry, Canon Inc.

frequently asked questions

Are Canon RF lenses worth it?

It’s worth it to me. The EF 85 IS is in no way comparable to the RF85, and the larger AF is better to me in this regard with the RF. I don’t mind the weight, but only on the 200 f2 scale. The 85s and 50s are nice in the hand, even if they are a bit heavy.

Which lens mount for the Canon EOS R?

Lightweight and compact, the EF-EOS R Mount Adapter combines EF and EF-S lenses with EOS R and EOS RP cameras, exponentially expanding the list of compatible lenses.

Are Canon RF lenses better than EF lenses?

Lenses with RF mounts use a 12-pin connection between the camera and the lens – in comparison, EF mounts use an 8-pin connection. … Faster data transfer, i.e. ultra-fast autofocus, better image stabilisation thanks to better communication between camera and lens, and overall optimised image quality.

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