Top 10 Nancy Drew Games In Order [2022]

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In the past few decades, Nancy Drew has been adapted for a variety of different mediums. The original series is still one of her most well-known works and leads to some good clues about how she got into solving cases. Here are 10 games that highlight her best moments in the classroom.

The “best nancy drew games” is a list of the top 10 Nancy Drew games, in order. The article also includes other related information such as the release date and genre.

Top 10 Nancy Drew Games In Order [2022]

There are a lot of video games that we play and love, and there are a lot of different genres to choose from so that everyone can have a good time. Some genres are popular, while others are not. The detective genre is one such genre; it isn’t very popular, but it does have a following. Despite the fact that there aren’t many popular detective games with large fan bases, you may still discover people who cling to them. If you like the detective genre, there is one game in particular that you should try: Nancy Drew games.

Nancy Drew is a well-known fictional character who originally appeared in the 1930s. Nancy Drew was a popular book series at the time, and it continues to be adored by readers today. As a result, the work has been adapted to profit on the Nancy Drew novels’ success. One method was to turn it into a video game in which players assume the character of Nancy Drew, an amateur detective. She is a young adolescent who has just lost her mother and now lives with her father. Nancy’s father is an attorney, therefore she takes up case solving and mystery solving as a new pastime. As a result, she often assists her father in solving problems.

There are several games in the series, and you may want to know the right sequence of the games before completely immersing yourself in them. It’s difficult to discover the origin of the games since there are so many in the series. Don’t worry; that is precisely why we are here to assist you.

We’ve included the Nancy Drew games in chronological order in this post, so have a look at the list below.

In No Particular Order: The Best Nancy Drew Games

1. Secrets Have the Power to Kill

Nancy Drew Games In Order

Secret Can Kill was the first game in the series to be released. This game was first published in 1998 and was remastered in 2010, and it is available for Windows and Mac.

The game required players to solve a series of riddles in order to solve the case. The riddles are intriguing and will be enjoyable to complete while playing the game. The first book in the Nancy Drew series is the inspiration for this game.

This game is about a murder mystery with many twists and turns, as its name indicates, but you must be cautious and alert while playing the game and researching the case. Overall, it’s a great game to play, and you’ll like playing it.

2. Message from a Haunted House

Nancy Drew Game In Order

This is the sequel to the series’ first installment, which was published in 2000 for PC and Game Boy Advance. The game follows the eponymous woman on a journey around San Francisco.

The game’s premise centres on assisting Nancy’s buddy Rose. She is hunting for a historic Victorian house in the city to call home. The estate is undergoing renovations, but weird occurrences are delaying the work. Nancy’s mission is to discover out what’s going on in the house and why things are occurring the way they are.

There are several riddles to solve and clues to gather in order to complete the game. The game has received positive reviews from both fans and reviewers, therefore you should consider playing it.

3. The Royal Tower’s Treasure

Top Nancy Drew Games In Order

The third Nancy Drew game, launched in 2001 for Windows PC, is the third in the series. Despite this, the game received an E/ESRB rating for breaking certain rules. Aside from that, the gameplay has been tweaked a little, with two difficulty levels to vary up the puzzle problems.

This time, Nancy will find herself at Wisconsin’s Wickford Castle Resort, which has been damaged, and it will be up to her to figure out what occurred and who did it. Nancy will need to speak with the suspects, solve riddles, and gather information in order to solve this case. Overall, this is a fantastic game, and you’ll have a great time unraveling the mystery with Nancy.

The Fourth and Final Scene

In No Particular Order: The Best Nancy Drew Games

The Final Scene is the next game in the series that you will enjoy playing. In 2001, this game was launched. Nancy Drew is tasked with rescuing her buddy Maya Nguyen in this game. During the drive to St. Louis, she vanished. Nancy must act quickly to solve this case, since her companion might be in grave danger if she does not.

As the game progresses, you must solve the case by finding information and completing riddles. Because it’s a third-person puzzle-solving game, you’ll have a good time playing it and discovering the mystery.

5. The Scarlet Hand’s Secret

Nancy Drew Best Games In Order

This is the fifth entry in the game series, and it was published in 2002 for Windows. It was also given an E/ESRB rating.

Naturally, the gamers will take control of Nancy Drew, who is now involved in a fresh mystery. There are two difficulty levels in this game. The game is based on the 1995 film The Secret of Scarlet Hand Book. Nancy is tasked with recovering a stolen Mayan artifact from a museum.

You’ll have a lot of fun investigating the case since it has an engaging narrative and premise.

6. Moon Lake’s Ghost Dogs

Nancy Drew Games In Order

You’ll want to play Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake as soon as possible since it’s the next Nancy Drew game. The game was launched for Windows in 2002. Like the last game, this one uses similar gameplay methods and principles.

The book’s storyline is based on two Nancy Drew novels. Sally MacDonald, Nancy’s father’s friend, is introduced in the game. He’s attempting to reclaim his new home in Moon Lak, Pennsylvania. However, he claims that a gangster’s spirit is still barking at the door. It’ll be a great puzzle to uncover, and the game’s finale is equally intriguing.

The Haunted Carousel is number seven on the list.

The Haunted Carousel, a Windows game launched in 2003, is the next Nancy Drew game in the series. This game was praised for its well-liked aesthetics, and fans adored it.

The game’s plot will transport you to a New Jersey amusement park where a series of weird incidents are taking place. She has to figure out what’s going on and solve the riddle before the hysteria spreads much farther.

On Deception Island, there’s a lot of danger.

This is the third game in the Nancy Drew series, and it was published for Windows in 2003. The game’s mechanics are similar to those seen in earlier installments in the series. The game’s premise is based on the novel Whispers in the Fog (1999).

The narrative takes you to Deception Island, Washington, where a whale-watching tour is taking place. Nancy’s friend’s yacht has been damaged, and she has to figure out who did it.

Shadow Ranch’s Secret No. 9

The game was released for Windows in 2004. Nancy must solve puzzles, locate clues, and speak to suspects to solve the crime in this game, which is identical to the previous games.

The narrative of the game is based on the best-selling Nancy Drew novel of the time, The Secret at Shadow Ranch (1931). The book’s plot takes place at Shadow Ranch, Arizona, where Nancy is on vacation. When Nancy finds that the owners have vanished, she must figure out where they went and how they got there. As a result, there are many objectives and puzzles to complete throughout the game.

The Curse of Blackmoor Manor is number ten.

The next Nancy Drew game you’ll want to play is Curse of Blackmoor Manor. This game was launched for Windows in 2004. The book’s game is based on the novel The Bluebeard Room. Nancy visits England for the first time in the book’s plot.

Nancy is assisting a friend in solving a mystery involving a haunting home and her family’s past. Nancy will be investigating mysteries in a foreign location for the first time, which should be intriguing. There are several riddles to solve and suspects to speak with in order to better solve the case.


These are the Nancy Drew games you should be aware of. This is a fun game series that you should try out at some point. Although you may play the games in whatever order you desire, it is recommended that you play them in the order in which they were released, as this will provide you with a better experience and plot development. That’s all we have for now, and we hope you found all you were searching for. Thank you very much.

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The “best nancy drew game to start with” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer, however, is never easy. There are so many Nancy Drew games out there and it can be difficult deciding which one to start with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What order should I play the Nancy Drew games?

A: There is no order, unless you are following the game.

Which Nancy Drew game is the hardest?

A: The Clue in the Crooked Candle has been unfair to us all.

Did they stop making Nancy Drew games?

A: No, this is false. They have just not been made for a long time and are currently being remastered by developers to bring them up to date with todays specifications in order to make the games more enjoyable for modern audiences.

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