Top 11 Best Games Like Among Us 2022

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Among Us is a competitive multiplayer game that brings the future into your hands. The goal is to build and govern an underground society in a dystopian world, where players use innovative tools like drones, holograms, and genehacking to achieve their goals. Players can choose from three different factions: Democracy, Anarchism or Authoritarianism. Gameplay revolves around establishing new technologies for each faction as well as building power through voting rights at home.

Among Us 2022 is a game that has been released for the android and iOS platforms. There are many games like Among Us 2022, but these games have different styles and mechanics. Read more in detail here: among us style games.

Top 11 Best Games Like Among Us 2022

For gamers, finding the proper game is crucial, and once they do, they will play it for hours and complete it. However, sometimes the game is too excellent, and as soon as you complete it, you begin browsing for other games that are comparable to your favorite. Among Us is one such game that has been a popular option for many of us. Among Us is a game that has supplanted Fall Guys as one of the most popular online games. The game has excellent gameplay in which users compete against other online gamers. The narrative of the game is highly engaging, and the players will take on one of two roles: crewmates or imposters.

The team will have to uncover an impostor while all of the members are playing together. If the crew members agree that one of them is an impostor, they may decide to expel them. Overall, it’s a pleasant game that can be played on a variety of devices, including cross-platform, boosting its appeal. This game is a lot of fun to play, and we’ve all had a good time with it. However, after a while, gamers may feel that they have had enough of this game and will need to discover another similar game.

You are not alone if you are seeking for a few games that are similar to Among Us. Many individuals are seeking for games that are comparable to Among Us for a variety of reasons. Despite the fact that there are various Among Us-style games accessible for us to play, only a few of them are suitable for us, and it is important to choose the proper one in order to enjoy the game. Finding the ideal game like Among Us might take some time and effort, but because you’re here, you’ll only receive the best 11 games that are similar to Among Us.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 top games similar to Among Us, so have a look at the list and see which one is the best fit for you.

Among Us is one of the best games.

1. Deceit

Deceit is the perfect game to start our list of greatest games like Among Us, which is why it has been ranked first. Deceit is one of the finest games that is somewhat similar to Among Us. Of course, certain things are different, but much like Among Us, trust and deceit are involved, making this game a bit stressful and thrilling. Of course, there are other fantastic features in this game that will make you a fan, and once you begin playing it, you will not be able to stop playing it for hours.

You must discover the innocent players, develop trust among them, and live as long as possible in this game. This multiplayer shooting game is performed in first-person, but unlike Among Us, there is no option for local multiplayer. The game is fast-paced and action-packed, which is one of our favorite genres to play. There will be a total of 6 players, and you must be cautious since they may quickly get infected, resulting in your death.

Overall, the game is entertaining and action-packed. The game’s premise is also extremely hilarious. You’ll wake up in an institution with five other people, and at least one of them is infected, so you’ll have to figure out who it is before you’re murdered. It’s a fun game to play on the PC, so check it out.

2. Winter Project

Project Winter is another excellent game similar to Among Us that you should be aware of. This game, like Among Us, is about betrayal and deceit, therefore it would be an excellent match for this game. This is also an online multiplayer game in which up to eight people may play at the same time. The game’s theme centers on survival and treachery, and each player is given a certain job that he must do. The survivors’ mission will be to keep themselves and others alive, which will include a variety of chores such as breaking boulders, picking berries and herbs, fixing objectives in order to restore the cabin radio, chopping down trees in order to gain crafting materials, and so on.

The traitors, on the other hand, are here to ruin all of the survivors’ hard work and attempts because they want everyone dead. They may set traps, poison everyone, block them from fleeing, and do whatever else they can to kill or make it difficult for them to live.

There are a lot of things that make this game fantastic, and there are a lot of things that players can do, such as use private voice, create a chat radio channel, and use proximity-based voice chat. Overall, this would be a great replacement for Among Us since there is so much to do, and the aesthetics and gameplay are also fairly impressive, so give it a try.

3. Salem, Massachusetts

Town of Salem is another popular game similar to Among Us that you should be aware of. This game is a great choice for anybody who like games with a lot of excitement and tension, such as Among Us. This game also includes elements such as fraud, mob panic, and murder. This is also one of the oldest social deduction strategy games, with over 8 million participants, making it highly popular and entertaining to play.

The fact that this game may be played with a maximum of 15 participants adds to the intensity of the game. There are a total of 33 characters to pick from, each of them will have a unique duty allocated to them. There will be a town member, a Mafia member, a serial murderer, and a neutral character. So, if you’re a town member, your job will be to safeguard the town’s other innocent residents, but you’ll never know who may be a Mafia member or a serial killer out to murder you or others.

Overall, it’s an entertaining game that you’ll want to spend some time playing. You’ll spend hours playing it once you get started, so if you believe you’re strong at social deduction, this may be the game for you.

4. Online Werewolf

Best Games Like Among Us

If you like Among Us, Werewolf Online is another great game to try. This game begins with a hamlet vibe and quickly becomes violent. Up to 16 people may participate in this game. This game also requires a lot of social deduction abilities, as well as a fair amount of tension and adrenaline. Each participant will be allocated a role, similar to Among Us, and you will have to select the appropriate one. So you’ll either protect your community and its inhabitants, or you’ll transform into a werewolf and hunt down other residents.

The game’s basis is built on deceit and falsehoods, and you must use either your social deduction abilities to identify the werewolf or your intellect to disguise your identity as a werewolf and murder as many people as possible. In any case, this is a highly enjoyable game, and you will undoubtedly have a great time playing it. This game is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

5. is a game about betrayal. is another excellent game similar to Among Us that you should be aware of. This game has been around for quite some time, and gamers have praised it for its excellent gameplay and tension. The game is also praised for being compatible with various devices, including iOS and web browsers. This game also has an Android app and can be played on a desktop computer.

The premise of this game is similar to Among Us, but it is much more difficult, which may be one of the reasons why many like it. You may play it as part of a team and pretend to be an innocent member to go on a search for the team’s betrayer, or you can pretend to be a betrayer and have fun messing with other players. Like Among Us, there will be a lot of chores to perform, and you’ll get to try out some exciting new deduction techniques. Overall, it’s a really enjoyable game to play.

6. Unknown Neighbour

Secret Neighbour is another one of the top games that has pleased us enough to earn a position on our list of the greatest games like Among Us. This game is available on Xbox One, therefore Xbox One owners will be pleased to discover a replacement for Among Us. This one is pretty similar, however it gives an incredible gaming experience.

One of the six players will be a hidden neighbor in the game, which follows the six main protagonists. His mission will be to fit in and gain everyone’s confidence, just to betray them (not literally). He’ll have to separate himself from the other players and lead them to the basement entrance. The other members’ departure causes confusion, and everything gets interesting. Overall, it’s a lot of fun to play, much like Among Us, therefore it’s the finest Xbox One alternative to Among Us.

7. Tucked Away in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight is a funny game that does exactly what its name says. This game has been a popular party game in recent years, and although it is similar to Among Us, it differs from other games in that it can only be played in a local multiplayer format. This game may also be played in a two-person or four-person group.

The gameplay is straightforward; you must perform your responsibilities without attracting undue attention to yourself. There will also be eliminated, and you must make certain that no other participants in the game are aware of your genuine identity. It has two modes: Death Race and Elimination, both of which are enjoyable to play. It’s simple to play yet a lot of fun, so if you’re planning a get-together or party with folks who like playing games, this should be your first pick.

8. Unlucky Astronauts

Unfortunate Spacemen is another excellent game similar to Among Us that you should be aware of. This game has also attracted a lot of interest and praise from gamers all across the globe. The murder and treachery concept of this game is pretty enjoyable, and you will have a lot of fun and excitement while playing it. Because the game is situated in an alien reality, there will be a lot of spacemen. Every spaceman understands that death is an inevitable part of the job, and they must do all in their power to stay alive.

The game may be played with up to 16 people, and there are several difficult objectives to perform. Players may freely traverse the map, listen in on other players’ planes, and even hide to protect themselves. There are a variety of game modes to choose from, such as narrative mode and survival mode, and each one offers a unique experience. In general, it’s a lot of fun to play.

9. On-Board Enemy

Enemy on Board is yet another excellent option to Among Us. This game is played with an eight-person team, six of whom will be crew members and two of whom will be alien imposters. Now, the imposters’ goal is quite similar to that of the Among Us, namely, to blend in and acquire the confidence of crewmembers in order to murder or hurt them in order to win the round. Similarly, the crew’s task will be to locate and eliminate the alien imposters in order to win the game.

The game boasts nice graphics that seem just perfect to play, as well as a wonderful communication system that allows players to speak and either identify the impostor or generate tension among the members. Overall, there are many fantastic aspects of this game that you will undoubtedly like. So go ahead and have a look.

Triple Agent (#10)

If you like games like Among Us, Triple Agent is something you should definitely try at least once. This one follows a similar path, with plenty of bluffing, concealed identities, betrayal, and social deduction.

The game has a rapid pace, and each session lasts approximately 10 minutes, so anyone trying to waste some time will like it since they won’t have to spend hours playing it. There will be a total of 9 participants in the game. A player might be a virus or a service agent. It’s a lot of fun to seed doubt in the minds of the other players and keep your identity hidden until the finish of the game. Overall, it’s extremely wonderful and entertaining for a brief gaming session, and the aesthetics are also fairly good.

11. Investigative journalism

If you’re seeking for the finest games like Among Us, you can’t overlook Undercover. The game can be played with three or more players on one device, and it’s a lot of fun. If you’re searching for a game to play in local multiplayer mode exclusively, this is an excellent alternative. This game, like Among Us, is all on figuring out who the other players are, and there are a few different roles to pick from. This is the game for you if you are skilled at deceit or manipulation.


So there you have it: some of the top Among Us-style games you should be aware of. We chose these games because they feature comparable gameplay to Among Us and provide an exciting experience for the gamer. Despite the fact that there are several games accessible, such as among us, the aforementioned games are the greatest. We’ve done our work by introducing the finest games like Among Us, and now it’s up to you to check them out and decide which one is best for you.

That’s all we have for now; we hope you found all you were searching for. Thank you very much.

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