Top 15 Best Xbox One Zombie Games 2022

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Whether it’s a zombie outbreak or the undead in general, games have always been at their best when they are on-the-go and easily accessible. Here is our list of top 15 Xbox One Zombie Games you can check out this year!

The “best zombie games xbox one 2020” is a list of the top 15 best Xbox One zombie games that are expected to release in 2022. These games will be released on other platforms as well, so if you’re looking for a game that’s not available on Xbox One, try searching for it on Google Play or Steam.

Top 15 Best Xbox One Zombie Games 2022

The Xbox One is without a doubt one of the most popular gaming consoles available today, which is why so many of you possess one. This system was released a long time ago, and most of the popular games are also accessible for it. This is what adds to its popularity. As a result, if you own an Xbox One machine, you may never run out of great video games to play.

If you’ve newly purchased an Xbox One, or if you’ve had one for a while but only lately found it, you may want to play on it as well. All you’ll need is an Xbox One game that’s decent enough. Fortunately, the Xbox One has a wide range of video games to choose from, so you may try out any genre.

The finest zombie games for Xbox One will be discussed in this post.

Zombie games are very popular, and most of them fall under the survival/horror category. This genre has been popularized by games like Resident Evil and State of Decay. Everyone enjoys playing zombie games because they are exciting since zombies may appear at any moment and infect the player. As a result, the player must rely on his survival and strategic abilities, as well as the use of weapons, to ensure that the zombies are killed and that they are protected.

Although zombie games are popular, and there are many of them to choose from, you should focus on the top zombie games on Xbox One. That is, after all, why we are here.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Xbox One Zombies games, so have a look and see which ones you’d want to play.

Best Zombie Games on Xbox One

The first is Dying Light.

Xbox One Zombie Game

Dying Light is one of the Best Zombie Games on Xbox One that you would like to play. The game was released in 2015 and it made quite a buzz for being a great zombie game and making it difficult for players to survive zombie attacks in the game. Although this game is much more than just a zombie game as it has some of the best survival horror elements in an action-adventure setting. The game features an open-world environment which makes it a popular choice among the players as they would be able to roam in the game and explore so much stuff in their journey.

If you’ve played Dead Island, you’ll see several parallels between the two games. You’ll be using high-tech weaponry as well as physical weapons to fight the undead. In order to free themselves from the zombies, players will be able to conduct a variety of tasks in the game, like climbing buildings, driving cars, and much more. You will also discover an online multiplayer feature in this game, which allows you to play against other people who are playing as zombies. There are a variety of quests to do as well.

2. Die in 7 Days

Best Xbox One Zombie Game

7 Days to Die is another excellent zombie game for Xbox One that you should try. This game first came out in 2013, and it quickly became popular among gamers who like fighting zombies and surviving against them. It’s a sandbox survival game in which players struggle to survive a zombie apocalypse. The players must construct a base and gather all of the essentials and necessary materials in order to escape the apocalypse.

You will get to play a week in the game, as the title says. The first six days won’t be difficult, and you’ll be able to manage and gather your resources, as well as construct a base to secure yourself and your people and some weaponry. However, on the seventh day, a swarm of zombies will assault your stronghold, putting your base’s strength to the test and making it difficult to withstand the zombie invasion. If you make it to the end, you’ll be able to improve the game and watch a more powerful zombie invasion.

Overall, it’s a fun game to play, and you’ll have a good time doing it. The game also supports cross-platform multiplayer, allowing you to establish a team with other players regardless of their platform.

Resident Evil 5 is number three on the list.

Top Xbox One Zombie Game

Resident Evil is a classic horror and adventurous franchise that often features zombies. So when it comes to the Best Zombie Games on Xbox One then Resident Evil was our first choice. This is the fifth installment in the Resident Evil series and it was released in 2009 for various platforms including Xbox One. The game was very much appreciated just like the previous installments in the series. The game follows the character of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. Both of them are very talented and brave agents who have been assigned the task to track down the latest virus outbreak. This outbreak has infected the nearby town and turned them incredibly hostile.

The game is full of unexpected twists and turns that will leave you speechless. Although this game isn’t only about surviving and killing zombies, it’s also about surviving and eliminating unfriendly individuals who may spread the infection across your community. There are several weapons to choose from in the game, and you will like the shooting part as well. You will not be dissatisfied if you play this game for the reasons stated above. This game’s action-horror part is rather entertaining, so give it a go.

4. Black Ops Cold War: Zombies Outbreak

Black Ops Cold War is another one of the top Xbox One zombie games you should be aware of. This is a famous console game that exploded in popularity in a short period of time. This is a portion of the famous game Call of Duty, and they tried out a zombie outbreak in one of their previous games in the series, and it was a hit, so they brought back another zombie game.

This game is situated in an open universe, giving players plenty of opportunities to explore. The zombies are very hazardous and will make life difficult for the gamers. The participants would be able to work together to play the game (four players). You may utilize a variety of weapons to fight the zombies and rescue yourself and others in the game. Weapons may also be modified or bought throughout the game.

With each wave, the difficulty level will increase, and they will be able to combat zombies with high-end weaponry and to their full ability. Overall, this game goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a Call of Duty game, so look forward to playing it at some point.

Back 4 Blood is number five.

Top Best Xbox One Zombie Game

Back 4 Blood is another a top-rated Xbox One zombie game that you should check out. This is one of the most recent titles on the list, having been launched in October 2021, so anybody seeking for a new zombie game for their Xbox One would most likely love it. Because this is a survival horror game with FPS features, you’ll have the opportunity to utilize some insane weaponry against the zombies and show off your shooting abilities. Despite the fact that the series is very young, with just two volumes, it has a large fan following.

You’ll take on the role of a survivor attempting to make their way past hordes of zombies and aggressive beasts. There are several opponents to contend with, and you must ensure that you are adequately equipped to meet them. The game was well-received by both players and spectators. If you enjoyed the last installment in the series, you will like this one as well. It has wonderful aesthetics and a music, as well as some nice weaponry and, of course, stunning zombies that may first terrify you.

6. The Aftermath of World War Z

Xbox One Best Zombie Game

This is another another popular Xbox One zombie game that you should check out. Like Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood, this game has a similar vibe to it. This game has a unique and cinematic feel to it. The game pits players against a variety of zombie creatures in various locales throughout the globe. The game also allows a thousand foes attacking you at the same time, all of them will stack up on top of each other to reach you.

In the game, there will be several goals and tasks to achieve. You’ll have to hunt out new weapons, combat the zombies, and rescue yourself and those who depend on you. Overall, it’s a great game to play, with plenty of twists and turns and some interesting undead zombies to keep you entertained.

Killing Floor 2 (#7)

Xbox One Zombie Game Best

Killing Floor 2 has also made it to our list of Best Zombie Games on Xbox One and you would be more than happy to play this game if you like fighting against the zombies. This is a multiplayer game so you can make your team and make strategies to win against the large group of zombies. Although, the zombie might be a loose term here because there are lots of mutated species that are called Zeds (not very different from the zombies).

In the game, there will be many waves, each of which will be stronger than the previous one. As a result, the participants must work together to win the game. Because there are several classes, each player will have a unique role to perform in the game. There is also in-game money that can be used to buy some of the game’s products. Overall, it’s a great game to play, particularly when you’re with your friends.

Dead Rising 4 is number eight in the series.

Xbox One Zombie Best Game

Our next recommendation for the greatest zombie game on Xbox One that you can play and enjoy is Dead Rising 4. This game depicts what happens after hell breaks out and the dead begin to walk among us. Hundreds of zombie monsters will prowl the ground, ready to attack you whenever they have the opportunity. As a result, it’s like a zombie freak show, which adds to the enjoyment of murdering zombies.

Players like this action-packed survival game in which they embark on a zombie-killing rampage. There will be lots of exciting weapons to help you kill the zombies quicker and more efficiently, but only if you know how to use them properly and at the appropriate times. The weaponry are wacky, but entertaining, and you’ll like Frank’s comments. Aside from that, the game will give you several side missions to accomplish.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is the ninth game in the Resident Evil franchise.

Xbox One Zombie Games

Another zombie game from the Resident Evil franchise has arrived. This is the series’ second entry, and it is often regarded as the greatest. Every step along the way, this game will surprise you. There are a lot of twists and turns throughout this game, so keep an eye on your back. Because this game is in an episodic style, you will get various episodes to play.

One of the finest aspects of this game is the alternate ending. Your decisions and actions throughout the game will determine your destiny. The game has a highly eerie setting, and the plot is also extremely fascinating, so you’ll have a great time. Overall, if you want to play a horror survival game with zombies, this is the game to play.

The Evil Within (#10)

Best Zombie Games on Xbox One

You should also be aware of The Evil Within, a popular Xbox One zombie game. If you want to play a game with a frightening environment and a disturbing tale, this is the game for you. Because the game was created by the same people who created the Resident Evil series, we have high hopes for it. Fortunately, the game has lived up to the hype and has become a rather excellent and popular game among gamers all around the globe.

The game begins with a mass murder scenario. Detective Sebastian and his squad are looking into the event. They soon determined what was behind the murders: zombies! This game is not for the faint of heart, since the plot is upsetting and uncomfortable, which may be why you chose to play it in the first place.

11. Zombies in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Top Xbox One Zombie Games

Call of Duty has released a new zombie game that we have all appreciated. This game is a fantastic combination of a shooting game and a horror survival game in which you battle zombies. This game is much more realistic than the majority of our zombie games. There are also various side tasks to do that will help you get the most out of the game. Overall, teaming up and blowing zombies in this game would be a lot of fun.

Trilogy of the Zombie Army

Xbox One Best Zombie Games

Given the fact that it takes place during WWII, this game is rather intriguing. You will, however, be facing a zombie army rather than naziz. The content of this game is very enjoyable, and you will like fighting zombies.

State of Decay (State of Decay) (State of Deca

Xbox One Zombie Games Best

Another interesting Xbox One zombie game that you should check out is State of Decay. There are lots of zombies in this game, as well as amazing graphics and a music, plus some useful weapons to help you kill them before it’s too late. This game will also put your morals to the test, as well as the choices you make. So go ahead and give it a go; it’s a popular zombie game that has wowed both gamers and reviewers.

The Walking Dead (season 14)

Xbox One Zombie Games

In the game, you will be battling against the walking dead, sometimes known as zombies. This is a popular Xbox One zombie game that has received a lot of praise and anticipation. This game also includes numerous episodes, each of which may be played in a different way. It features a compelling plot and memorable characters. Finally, this game has created a reputation for itself in the zombie genre, so you should not pass it up.

15. The Island of the Dead

Xbox One Zombie Games

Last but not least, Dead Island is a well-known zombie game that you could enjoy playing at some point. The title says it all: you’ll be stranded on an island populated with living corpses. It’s a fun game with a plethora of weaponry for slaying zombies. You’ll have to be cautious or you’ll wind up joining the island’s dead army!


So these are some of the Best Zombie Games on Xbox One that you need to know about. All of these games are very popular and they have won the hearts of players across the world. These games are not exclusive to just Xbox One as these are available on other popular consoles and are pretty popular on every console.

What are you still waiting for? Check out these Xbox One zombie games and discover which one is your favorite. We hope you like all of these Xbox One zombie games.

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The “split screen zombie games xbox one” is a list of the top 15 best Xbox One Zombie Games 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the No 1 zombie game?

A: The No 1 zombie game is World War Z.

What is worlds best zombie game?

A: The best zombie game is Dying Light.

What Xbox game has zombies?

A: The game in question is Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

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