Top 5 Best Standing Desk Frames in Canada this 2021

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What are the best table settings in Canada right now? Keep scrolling down the list of what’s hot in the Canadian market this year – 2021.

Canada's best table settings

What you will immediately notice about the Mount-It! electric desk frame is its solid and sturdy construction. It’s pretty solid and it looks good too. We are fully convinced of the sustainability of this framework. It can easily support up to three monitors and a large PC. You can even stand on it and it’s still intact, although it’s not recommended to test just the frame. And we were not disappointed.

The structure is quite simple and the instructions are simple, clear and concise. However, we have some problems with the alignment of the holes. Some of them don’t seem to line up, so you might want to spend a few minutes aligning them. But everything else is fine.

We give 2/10 for the delivery. It went pretty bad. Although the contents are still intact, the packaging appears to be significantly damaged. So he’s not representative, so to speak.

This electric table frame has a pretty good range for height adjustment. You can adjust the table from 28.7 to 48.4 inches. The working height is good enough for almost all users, so more people can be accommodated.

On the other hand, some of the things we wanted to change had to do with electrical components and motors. You may not encounter these problems every time, but one day you will. The engine tends to slow down, it may idle for a few minutes. And the LCD screen sometimes disappears. So we have to plug in and unplug. In short, the motor and electrical part of this bar frame are not the best.

Mount-It Electric Office Test Frame

In short, it is a solid and robust table frame, but from time to time you may have to deal with motor failures.


  • Robust construction
  • The control panel has standby functions
  •  Wide range of height adjustments
  • Easy assembly


  • Failure of electrical components.

Where to buy it

When you are looking for a free standing office frame, there are two things that you will check often. First of all, the construction must be stable and durable. And secondly, the engine and electronics have to work properly. And you can have both with the VIVO Electric freestanding desk frame.

From the beginning we realized how heavy the table frame could be. I’d like it in an office environment, because that means it’s stable. We don’t want a light and fragile frame to hold my monitors and PCs. And while the frame can be heavy, once the holes are properly aligned, it’s easy to install. You may only need to ask for help to line up the holes. But after that, it’s a walk in the park.

We also love the engine. The mechanism moves relatively quickly and smoothly. So far, we haven’t had any errors or footsteps. It is also easy to use and has a good weight limit. And judging by the feel and look of this table frame, I don’t think there will be any stability issues, even with maximum load.

The height adjustment range of the VIVO table frame is also one of the advantages of this device. You can raise the table from 30.2 inches to 50 inches, making it suitable for larger users.

In any case, this permanent framework meets all the criteria! But it can’t go low enough for short people, so it’s a limitation of this frame.

Electric worktop frame VIVO not included in the scope of supply of the worktop


  • Easy assembly
  • Works in silence
  • A fast and smooth transition
  • Stable and not wobbly
  • Comes with table gel pillows that are placed on top.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Good range of height adjustment
  • Lots of office space


  • Some screws were missing from the package
  • The highest setting may still be too high for shorter people.

Where to buy

Crankshaft frame industry

This table frame has a simple and minimalist design, but can serve you very well. It is suitable for larger tables for a more complex workspace. One of the main advantages is the high quality of the materials. This table frame is made of industrial quality stainless steel. So he can be a nuisance who can serve you for years.

In addition, the feet are scratch-resistant and can be adapted to any surface. So it’s pretty versatile, and you can put it almost anywhere. And thanks to its minimalist design, it fits easily into any office or workspace.

As for stability, it may falter a bit when set to maximum, but it can still accommodate a couple of monitors and a PC. So a little shock is not necessarily a problem for most people. We still think it’s strong and robust enough. And the handle is easy to adjust, it won’t be like a manual drive.

The assembly is suitable for the lazy do-it-yourselfer. It was presented in several pieces, so it will never be a chore to set up. With this bar frame, everything goes very quickly. It takes less than 3 days for delivery.

One limitation, however, is that short people may not be able to use it comfortably in a seated position. Your feet must not touch the ground. So it can’t be low enough for them.


  • Easy assembly
  • The handle is easy to adjust
  • Suitable for large table tops
  • Robust and reliable
  • Minimalist and simple design


  • May be too high for short term users

Ascension up electric

The width-adjustable table is very practical. You can adapt it to wider counters if you need more working space. And you don’t often find a decent electric desk frame with width adjustment. You may not find much.

And that is exactly what distinguishes the frame of the Rise UP electric table. It is a height and width adjustable table. So it can be configured in different ways. This gives you more options for the counter and is suitable for a busy workplace.

The frames also feature anti-collision technology for added safety. And a weight capacity of 250 pounds is more than enough for an inexperienced worker. And besides the sturdy laser-cut stainless steel legs, this table frame offers even more.

The engine is smooth and quiet. The control panel has an up and down button and 4 programmable memory settings. The control panel is also very responsive, there is no lag or drag.

Overall, it is a sturdy frame that can support a large table top. And the engine feels good. Another notable feature is that the engine does not stop abruptly when the stop button is pressed. Instead, he drives slowly until he comes to a complete stop. And it prevents the monitors from falling over. This is a simple but clever feature that not all table motors have.


  • Has several security features
  • Can handle ever larger work surfaces
  • Retrieving the control panel
  • A smooth and silent engine


  • Some users have complained about poor quality

Main cable of the electrical frame of the high table

This Prime Cables table frame is king when it comes to durability. It is made of a stronger construction – a double steel tube. This table frame is therefore suitable for heavier and larger table tops. It also accommodates desktop computers from 39 to 63 inches, which is a big mistake.

Another feature we like is the advanced motor and electronics of this table frame. It has overload protection and the motor is quite efficient with a low noise level. And it is easy to program the desired table height in 2 or 3 memory locations.

The load capacity is not the highest at 154 pounds, making this table base ideal for light to medium duty applications. Despite the large working area, the weight may be insufficient for some of them.

Installation was easy and comes with cable guides. This allows you to organize all wires and cables in an orderly fashion. Although there is also a cable tray mounted under the table, we found it a bit narrow. We’d like to see it have a more decent width, so it’s easier to hide the cables from prying eyes.

Overall, this is a medium capacity rack that is suitable for larger counters. It has a great engine. One caveat, however, is that it can’t go low enough for small people.


  • Sturdy steel feet
  • An efficient and silent engine
  • Suitable for larger tables
  • Has an overload protection system


  • A narrow cable tray


These are the most popular standing office frames in Canada! Each device has something on its own and certainly few features and could have better features.

Why are these table bases so hot in Canada? The best plans are not necessarily the most popular. The Canadian market feels it has a stronger table frame, although it is an unpopular choice.

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