Top 6 MTG Cards Like Grand Abolisher

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The Grand Abolisher is a card that has been around since the beginning of Magic. It’s one of those cards that you always see in every format, but never actually play with because it doesn’t really do anything. But what if I told you there were six cards like this?

The best defensive cards clash royale is a card that is very good at defending against other players. This card can be used to defend against any attack, and it has the ability to counter anything.

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Grand Abolisher is a strong MTG creature card that has the ability to affect what happens on the battlefield while it’s in play. Here are our top six MTG cards, including Grand Abolisher.

Grand Abolisher is one of the top MTG cards.

1. Graceful Angel

Magic The Gathering - Angel of Grace (1/259) - Ravnica Allegiance

The first card on our list of MTG cards similar to Grand Abolisher is Angel of Grace. Angel of Grace is a mythic rare 5/4 white flying Angel creature with flash that costs 3 colorless and 2 white mana to play.

When this card enters play, any damage that would decrease your life to less than 1 life point instead reduces it to 1 life point until the end of your turn. 

You may exile the Angel of Grace card from your graveyard for 4 colorless mana and 2 white lands. If you do, your life will be multiplied by ten.

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2. Make Silent

Magic The Gathering - Render Silent (96) - Dragon's Maze

Render Silent is a sleek multi-colored white and blue school uncommon moment.

Render Silent may be used to counter a target spell for just 1 white and 2 blue mana.

The greatest part is that for the remainder of this round, its controller cannot perform any additional spells. That implies they won’t be able to counteract your moment.

Few Instants provide such low-cost (but strong) control to use against the opponent.

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3. The Angel of Fate

Angel of Finality

The next card on our list of MTG cards that are similar to Grand Abolisher is Angel of Finality. The card costs 3 colorless and 1 white mana to cast.

Angel of Finality is an uncommon white Angel creature with 3 power, 4 toughness, and the ability to fly. You may select a player to exile all the cards from their graveyard when the card enters the field.


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4. Teferi, Zhalfir’s Mage

Magic The Gathering - Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir - Time Spiral

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, a Legendary Creature Human Wizard card with Flash, is the fourth card on our list of the top 6 MTG cards like Grand Abolisher.

Teferi has a power rating of 3 and a toughness rating of 4. He also bestows Flash on all of your creatures (in your hand, and deck). As a result, you may play any creature as if it were an Instanta card.

Furthermore, each adversary may only use spells while a sorcery spell is available (meaning they can not play Flash or Instant cards when they normally could).

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5. The City of Soleil

Magic: the Gathering - City of Solitude - Visions

The first green card on our list is City of Solitude, a green Enchantment with a casting cost of 2 colorless and 1 green.

When the City of Solitude is active, each player may only use their spells and abilities on their own turns. As a result, they are unable to play Flash and Instant cards when they would normally be able to.

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Dosan the Falling Leaf is number six.

Magic: the Gathering - Dosan The Falling Leaf - Champions of Kamigawa

Dosan the Falling Leaf is a 2/2 Legendary Creature Human Monk with a 1 colorless and 2 green mana casting cost.

Players may only cast spells during their own turns while the card is on the battlefield. 

This implies that Flash, Instant, and counterspells aren’t permitted to be used when they should be.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Grand Abolisher

In MTG, what is Grand Abolisher?

Grand Abolisher is a rare white school Human Cleric MTG card with a CMC of 2. The creature has 2 toughness and 2 power. Your opponents can’t cast spells or utilize activated abilities from artifacts, creatures, or enchantments while the card is in play.

Is the Grand Abolisher MTG Card Worth It?

MTG cards like Grand Abolisher are definitely worth it if you like playing a game of control, preventing your opponent from making plays they would otherwise be able to do, and generally controlling what your opponents can and cannot do.

How Many Grand Abolisher MTG Cards Are There?

Although there are numerous cards with somewhat similar effects, the precise number of cards like Grand Abolisher is unclear. One card, for example, stops opponents from utilizing creatures’ activated abilities, while another blocks spells or abilities of a certain color in general.

The mtg cards that prevent attacking is a card that prevents your opponent from attacking. It can be very helpful in preventing damage to you or your creatures.

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