Tricks For Beginners To Use When Playing Escape from Tarkov

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Tricks For Beginners To Use When Playing Escape from Tarkov

The gaming industry is growing at full pace in today’s world as people have started taking even more interest in virtual games these days. In fact, gaming is no longer just a fun activity but now, a lot of people have started making money out of it, or shall I say, making it a profession.

These professional gamers can be found promoting games on social media or playing gaming battles. Amid all this chaos, a lot of new games are launching on the market every other day, but there are a few games that attract not just regular gamers, but beginners and make them addicted.

One such game is Escape from Tarkov which is not like a regular battle game but has a lot more new features which make it different and interesting for the players. Also, beginners usually avoid playing these virtual battle games since they get stuck on the field and have no option, but to quit.

To make the game easy and even more engaging for the beginners, today we are sharing some Escape from Tarkov cheats that are really going to help in playing the game at initial levels, rest practice makes you perfect. 

Let’s hop on to some tricks for beginners.

1. Scav runs are the best bet

If you are a beginner and want to survive in the game for a long time, it is important to keep your money safe and always look for the right loot and go for it, as money can keep you alive for longer. To achieve this, going for scav runs as much as you can is the key, as scav runs are the place where you won’t be losing anything.

The existing money that you have with you is safe in scav runs and at the same time you also get the chance of loot, and that too at some places where you do not need to fight for it at all, isn’t it super amazing? The only thing you need to watch out for here is, to keep your loot safe all the time, and use the opportunity to the fullest by finding the right loots for yourself.

You can also use weapons inside to protect yourself and the loot. Also, even if you are done with the loot, it is suggested not to rush to the extraction point as you might find enemies there who can kill you, instead, wait for the timer to end and reach the extraction point at the last moment to avoid enemies.

2. Never play on different maps

The worst strategy you can opt-in for in this game is to play on different maps at the same time. Different maps are not only difficult to learn but at the same time, they might misguide you and make you lose the game. It is always recommended to just learn one map thoroughly so that you know every bit and corner of the field.

You know all the hot spots, loot spots, extraction points, and all other important places to be able to play the game more strategically. This improved the gaming mechanics of an individual and the one who has the map in their mind can easily defeat the enemies as he/she doesn’t have to refer to the map for everything which also wastes time in some scenarios.

3. Insuring your gear is important

This game is all about protecting yourself and your gear at the same time. Also, the game has insurance for your gear which could be done in as cheap as 10 thousand rubles. So, every player should make sure that the insurance of the gear is done before they plan to go on a raid, as there are higher chances that you might face an enemy during the raid.

This is done because it is important to ensure that no enemy kills you and takes your gears to the extraction point as that will make him/her the winner.

4. Using Your Secure Container is the Right Choice 

When playing Escape from Tarkov, you must know how to safeguard your precious weapons. Certainly, you will find the secure container a cool and useful hack out there. However, you must keep in mind that the size of your container may vary depending on the game’s level you are on.

You can store your rare weapons in the containers and safeguard your weapon even if you get killed. And you can use these weapons as well in the game you play in the future. 

All the above points are going to be really helpful for beginners as well as regular players while playing Escape from Tarkov, and following the above can definitely improve their game in several ways.

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