12 Best Virgil Flower Books In Order By John Sandford (2021)

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If you are a fan of crime fiction, then you must read the Virgil Flower book series by John Sanford. The book series began in 2007, and his first published book was Dark of the Moon. The show is still on. So far, 12 books have been published in the series, and the next book will be released later this year.

About the character and the series:

The book is based on, you guessed it, the character of Virgil Flower! He works for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. This office is located in a small town in Bluestem. Before joining the BCA, Virgil Flower served in the military. He’s been divorced three times and he’s also in his 30s.

He’s tall, smart and handsome. He can easily conquer the heart of any girl. But he’s been through so much in his life. He is repeatedly tested in a series of novels as tragic events unfold around him. He makes quick decisions, but he also makes difficult ones.

Since there are 12 books in the series and some of them have not been published yet, you should read the series of books in order rather than randomly reading one of the books in the series.

In this article, we will give you a list of Virgil’s coloring books, so you can read them in order and experience the best series of mysteries you have ever read.

So let’s look at the following list of Virgil’s flower books in the right order.

Best blank flower books in order

1. Black Moon

Dark of the Moon is the first book in the series and was published in 2007. In the book we are introduced to Virgil Flower, a tall, thin and intelligent man who works for the BCA. He also gives an insight into his past life and how he came to join the BCA from Bluestem. Bluestem is a small town where everyone knows each other and where people go their own way.

The peace of the town was broken by the explosion of a house on the ridge. The owner, Judd, is trapped in the house. Judd is not a guy everyone likes or a fan favorite. He has done some very dark things and has even led to the destruction of several lives.

And not only that: Three murders were committed in Bluestem, a town that was considered safe. The question is whether the two incidents are related. Virgil Flower must make sure he finds the man behind this.

A beautifully written book with a good dose of suspense and thrills, that will also awaken the detective in you!

2. Thermal lighting

Heat Lightning is the second book in the Virgil Flower series. This time, on a hot and humid summer night in Minnesota, Virgil received a call that they had found a dead body at the Veterans Memorial in Stillwater. The body has two shots to the head and a lemon in the mouth. The pattern is similar because a similar body type was made a few days ago. Virgil soon realizes that someone is behind the murders, and that it could very well be a serial killer.

He has to do something, because there may be other names on the killer’s list, and before he kills anyone else in town, he has to stop the killer.

3. Rough terrain

Harsh Country is the third book in Virgil’s Flower in the order you should read next. There has been a brutal murder in Minnesota during a fishing tournament. The murder took place at a women-only resort, where a woman was shot while kayaking. The resort is meant to be a place of rest and relaxation for women, and it is quite popular, and many women come here as well.

This makes the whole thing much more complicated than it seems. When Virgil investigates, he discovers a network of connections, as everyone was connected to the victim in some way, and many people had a motive to kill the woman. Too many suspects with too many motives.

As if the case wasn’t complicated enough, Virgil learns that it wasn’t the only murder, but that there has been another murder, and that there is a good chance that the next murder will happen soon as well.

How will Virgil solve the case? Will he be able to prevent more murders? Or will there be other victims?

4. Bad blood

This time Virgil Flower will experience a feud between multiple families and generations, leading to the death and murder of people.

A farmer brings a load of soybeans to a local grain elevator. A farmer minding his own business meets a young man who beats him to death. Then he calls Sheffield and reports the accident. It didn’t take Virgil long to realize that this was no accident, but a well-planned murder.

But the case is not over yet. After forcing the boy to confess his crime, Virgil found him hanging in his cell the next day! For others, this would be remorse, but Virgil knows better. It unravels the history of families and reveals many secrets of families and their generational animosity. Now the question arises who is behind all this and how Virgil can get hold of the killer in the first place.

5. shock wave

The next book in Virgil’s color sequence is Shockwave! This book is about business and conversations that are always risky in today’s business world, and where things can easily go wrong.

The billion-dollar supermarket has its eye on Minnesota, but local business owners and shoppers are worried that their operations will be affected and that they will lose everything if PyeMart comes to town.

Angry businessmen and environmentalists are protesting against the supermarket chain, they are furious and will do anything to prevent the supermarket chain from settling here. In the midst of all the protests, there was an explosion at the Michigan headquarters. This is just the beginning, as it’s the first blast of the series.

Virgil was tasked with investigating the whole thing and finding out who was behind all this dangerous activity and who was profiting from the damage and fear. The answer will shock you!

6. Mad River

A crime wave began in Minnesota. Today Bonnie and Clyde and their sidekick are walking through town, all the way to the end. They have guns and their lives are at a standstill, so they have nothing to lose and all the means to get what they want – thrills, adventure and maybe money!

So far they have killed not one, not two, but three people. Who’s their next victim? What’s his next move? Too many questions, and Virgil thinks about how to keep these teens from taking their own lives. Virgil has no idea what will happen next or how he will stop it.

7. Stormfront

Storm Front is a story that you could see on the big screen, as it has a good movie plot with a blockbuster screenplay.

The story begins in Israel, where criminals have stolen an ancient relic that is very important to the Israeli government and the entire country. These guys ended up in Minnesota, or so the report says.

An Israeli policeman has flown into the country and she hopes to get Virgil Flower’s help. After listing the whole story, Virgil jokes and laughs, but the agent assures him there’s nothing funny about it. You’ll be dealing with bad guys, and it’ll be a dangerous business, too.

Get ready to join Virgil and the Israeli police officer and enjoy this exciting story.

8. Duration

The book begins with a school board meeting. Which is fine, as long as it’s not the topic of the meeting. Attendees at this meeting will decide the fate of the city’s investigative journalist. And the unanimous vote says: Kill him!

Virgil, on the other hand, investigates a dog kidnapping to help his friend. What began as a simple case turned into a much larger and more complex turn of events and crimes. Virgil realizes that the case is not simple, and to confirm his theory, he finds a dead body, which is none other than an investigative journalist!

This book has been described as one of the most exciting novels in the series, so you’re sure to enjoy it.

9. Leakage of item

With Escape Clause, Virgil will experience two storms at once. The story begins at a zoo in Minnesota where two rare and very large tiger tanks have disappeared from nowhere. It is suspected that someone stole these tigers to sell their precious organs. These people could be anyone, and it’s important to save these tigers. Virgil has been entrusted with this task and, as always, will do his best to make sure everything is in order.

Meanwhile, Virgil and his girlfriend Frankie are doing well, until his sister shows up. His sister likes Virgil, and maybe she excites him too! Let’s see how he handles this situation.

10. Freezing

Virgil knows his way around Trippton, Minnesota! A few years ago he was investigating a murder, and now the city is in the news again because of another brutal murder. A woman was found dead frozen in a block of ice.

The problem is that the incident happened 25 years ago. Virgil must examine and endure two decades of trauma and turf battles! Will he be able to solve the case or will he reach an impasse?

11. Holy Ghost

The Holy Spirit is one of the popular books of Flowers of the Virgin that you will enjoy reading. This book is about miracles and murders, both at the same time, and Virgil is ready to investigate both. Wheatfield, Minnesota, is known as the land of six hundred souls, and the word moribund (dying) may have been coined for it.

After the miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary, the city becomes popular and attracts thousands of pilgrims! But suddenly everything falls apart when the shooting begins. Virgil Flower needs to investigate and find out what’s going on.

12. Bloody Genius

Bloody Genius is Virgil Flower’s next book in the order you should read it. A new case for Virgil Flower brings him to the local state university, where two hostile faculties compete in the fields of science and medicine. People with common sense and knowledge may disagree, but to what will this disagreement lead them? As the case progresses, it becomes more dramatic and complex, and more exciting and entertaining for readers.


That’s why we’ve listed all of Virgil Flower’s books here that you need to know. While some people recommend reading each book in the series individually, which can be helpful, you should read the entire series in order if you want to know the development of the characters and the story that makes them who they are.

We have come to the end of our article on Virgil Flower Books and we hope you have enjoyed this series.

frequently asked questions

Will there be a book about Virgil’s flowers in 2020?

He has recently decided to return to one book a year, and the current project is to publish the novels of Preius and Vergil alternately. It remains to be seen whether he will stick to that plan or change it in any way. But at the time of writing (July 2020), here’s his plan.

What is the order of John Sandford’s books?

List of books – John Sandford

Should you read John Sandford’s books in order?

Therefore, John Sandford’s two series should not only be read in the correct chronological order, but since the two main characters are related, it makes sense to follow them as events unfold. So the list of John Sandford’s books contains a number of books, but they are all interesting.

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