Best 1 Mana MTG Cards

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Mana is the most popular card type in Magic: The Gathering, and it has been since the game was first released. As a result, there are many decks that revolve around this single resource. This list will help you find the best 1 mana cards for your deck.

The best low mana cost mtg cards are the best cards for new players. Cards like Forest, Swamp, and Mountain are great for beginners.

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1 mana cards are among the finest when it comes to casting cards fast. Find out why these ten 1 mana MTG cards are the greatest by reading on.

MTG’s Top 10 Best 1 Mana Cards

1. Immortality Elixir

Magic The Gathering - Elixir of Immortality (209/249) - Magic 2014

The Elixir of Immortality is at the top of our list of the greatest MTG cards with a single mana cost.

Elixir of Immortality is a rare Artifact that enables you to gain 5 life by paying 2 colorless mana and tapping it. 

You must shuffle this card, as well as your entire graveyard, into your deck when you activate this Artifact to gain 5 lives.

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2. Cutthroat Vampire

Magic The Gathering - Vampire Cutthroat (110/205) - Eldritch Moon

Vampire Cutthroat, an uncommon black creature card, is another of the greatest 1 mana MTG cards.

With Skulk and Lifelink, the card is a 1/1 Vampire Rogue. That implies a stronger monster won’t be able to stop it.

Furthermore, the Vampire Cutthroat does the same amount of damage to you as it does to the Vampire Cutthroat.

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3. The Perplexing Devil

Magic The Gathering - Vexing Devil (164) - Avacyn Restored

Vexing Devil is a mythic rare red Devil monster that can be summoned for a single red mana. 

When Vexing Devil enters the battlefield as a 4/3 Devil, an opponent may take 4 damage from the card.

Why would an opponent voluntarily choose to absorb 4 damage? Simple. You must sacrifice Vexing Devil right away if they choose to do so.

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4. Tithe of Mana

Magic: the Gathering - Mana Tithe - Planar Chaos

Mana Tithe is a one-of-a-kind instant card that costs one white mana to activate.

You may counter a target spell unless its owner pays 1 colorless mana on the spot when you cast Mana Tithe.

Mana Tithe is essentially a super-cheap counterspell.

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5. Elemental Blast (Red)

Magic The Gathering - Red Elemental Blast - Fourth Edition

The Red Elemental Blast is one of the greatest 1 mana MTG cards ever created.

You may counter a blue spell or destroy a blue permanent when you play this card for a single mountain.

Red Elemental Blast has a lot of different effects for 1 mana.

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Pyroblast is number six.

Magic The Gathering - Pyroblast (142/249) - Eternal Masters

The Red Elemental Blast has been updated to Pyroblast.

It’s a rare red Instant card that costs one red mana and lets you choose between countering a blue spell or destroying a blue permanent.

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Ghirapur’s Hope No. 7

Magic The Gathering - Hope of Ghirapur - Aether Revolt

Hope of Ghirapur is a 1/1 Legendary Artifact Thopter Creature that costs 1 colorless mana to play.

If it is initially dealt damage by The Hope of Ghirapur, it may prohibit subsequent players from playing noncreature spells for the remainder of the round.

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Lightning Bolt #8

Magic The Gathering - Lightning Bolt (122/249) - Modern Masters 2015

Lightning Bolt is a really classic card that, no matter how many new expansions/cards are produced, never gets old or loses its use.

Lightning Bolt inflicts 3 damage to the target creature or person.

Few red cards, in particular, are more worthy of a spot on our list of the greatest MTG 1 mana cards than Lightning Bolt.

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9. Elemental Blast in Blue

Magic The Gathering - Blue Elemental Blast - Fourth Edition

Blue Elemental Blast is an Interrupt spell that only requires one island to perform.

When you cast this card, it counters a target red spell or destroys a target red permanent.

This card is the evil twin of Red Elemental Blast, as you may have surmised.

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10. Chatzuk’s Helm

Magic: the Gathering - Helm of Chatzuk - Unlimited

The Helm of Chatzuk is the last card in our list of the greatest MTG 1 mana cards. 

Helm of Chatzuk is an Artifact that enables you to spend a single colorless mana and grant a creature the Banding ability for the remainder of the round for a single colorless cost. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About MTG’s Best 1 Mana Cards

Are MTG Cards with 1 Mana Any Good?

Cards with just one mana are fantastic. They are not only inexpensive, but they are often much more value than the cost of casting. Some 1 mana cards, on the other hand, are just filler. Although not all 1 mana cards are equally helpful, the majority of them are very powerful.

How many MTG cards should I use in my deck that cost one mana?

A modest number of 1 mana cards, depending on the kind of deck you’re playing, is a safe bet. If you’re playing a Goblins, Elves, Skeletons, or Zombies deck, you may want as much as 1/3 of your cards to cost one mana. 

Is It Possible to Win in MTG With Only One Mana?

You can definitely win at MTG with one-mana cards. However, winning the game with just 1 mana cards may be tough. As a result, make sure you have enough of more expensive cards in your deck. 

The mtg best commons in standard is a list of the top 1 mana cards that are currently in Standard.

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