Best Intel 12th Gen Motherboard

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An Intel motherboard is an indispensable component in any computer. It’s the foundation that helps all other components run at their maximum potential and it’s a crucial part to building a powerful PC of your own. To help you find the best Intel 12th Gen Motherboard, we’ve put together this guide on how to choose one for gaming or general use.

The “intel 12th gen” is a motherboard that has been praised by many reviewers. It is a great option for anyone looking for an Intel-based motherboard.

Best Intel 12th Gen Motherboard

What chipset should I choose for Intel’s 12th generation processor?

There aren’t many alternatives right now, with the Z690 being the only one that has been launched. The H670 and B660 boards should be available soon. PC enthusiasts are the target market for the Z690 chipset. In comparison to other chipsets, the Z690 chipset has a larger number of functions. PCIe Gen 5 support, as well as the speed of USB or Thunderbolt connectors, may be scarce, if not non-existent, on lower-end H670 or B660 boards.

As the more feature-rich chipset, the Z690 is fully capable of handling any Core i9-12900K/KF, Core i7-12700K/KF, or Core i5-12600K/KF processor.

The Z690 vs. the Z590

The most noticeable difference between the Z590 and the Z690 is the socket type, which has been upgraded from LGA 1200 to the brand-new LGA 1700, which is the industry standard for this new socket type. However, it remains to be seen if this socket will endure beyond Intel’s 12th generation CPUs.

With the Z690 motherboards, a new version of PCIe – Gen 5 – is introduced. For 16X slots, it has double the PCIe bandwidth. PCIe gen 4.0 can handle up to 16 GT/s (gigatransfers per second), whereas PCIe gen 5.05 can handle up to 32 GT/s.

Another significant distinction between the Z690 and Z590 chipsets is that the Z690 supports DDR5 RAM. A significant improvement in RAM technology that delivers rates that are faster than even the best DDR4 kits on the market.

With Intel’s 12th generation of CPUs, which have blisteringly high clockspeeds and a brand-new socket, you’ll need a brand-new motherboard to handle all of that raw power. The high-end Z690 boards are currently the only chipsets available. They’re pricey, but the wealth of features you receive when you go for the top of the line of high-end boards is definitely worth it.

Factor of Form

atx mobo eatx

Regardless of the motherboard you pick, the form factor is one of the most critical considerations (pun intended), since downsizing may result in the loss of certain key functions or bells and whistles.

Motherboards are available in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from E-ATX to the very compact Mini-ITX. The form factor you choose typically corresponds to the case you select. It’s pointless to buy an E-ATX motherboard for an ITX case since it won’t fit. The smaller the motherboard, the less features it will have; there’s only so much that can be packed onto such a little piece of silicon.

Motherboard form factor

As a general guideline, we recommend ATX since it is the most common form factor and most cases accept it or are designed around it. The ATX form factor, for the most part, offers no concessions in terms of functionality. The ATX form factor was initially developed by Intel in 1995, and it has since become an industry standard.


intel i9 12900k

A new generation of chipset and CPU is often accompanied by a new generation of socket. LGA 1700 is the next step. The LGA 1200 socket from previous generations has been replaced by this one. On Z690 motherboards, LGA 1700 is present, with an extra 500 contact points. The socket size has been raised from the usual symmetrical square of 37.5mm x 37.5mm (LGA 1200) to 45mm x 37.5mm (LGA 1700).

12th gen socket

This implies that your present cooler will most likely not fit the socket on Z690 motherboards, and you’ll need to purchase additional LGA 1700-compatible mounting gear. Some cooler manufacturers provide mounting gear separately as an upgrade, however this varies from brand to brand.) Sorry, no plug-and-play this time, unless you want to shell out on a brand-new cooler as well.


Corsair Dominator DDR5 RAM 1

Not only has Intel upgraded its hardware, but RAM has also made strides in the business, demonstrating its fresh new blisteringly fast DDR5 DIMMs. There are certain Z690 boards that still support the older and less expensive DDR4 memory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What motherboards support 12th Gen Intel?

A: This depends on the motherboard you are using. Some motherboards do not support 12th gen intel, and some motherboards only allow for up to 10th generation processors.

Do you need a new motherboard for 12th Gen Intel?

A: In order to make use of the newer 12th generation Intel processors, you will need a new motherboard.

Which generation motherboard is best?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. There are many factors that go into deciding which generation motherboard is best for you, such as what type of processor or memory the motherboard supports and any features it may have.

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