Office chair for fat people – Top 5 picks under $300 you’ll love

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When you can’t fit on the standard office chair, sometimes it’s time to go for a more specialized and slightly pricey option. These are our top picks that will make your life easier as well as help keep you in shape!

The “best office chair under $300” is a topic that contains many different options. Here are the top 5 picks you’ll love.

Office chair for fat people - Top 5 picks under $300 you'll love

office chair for a fat person

Do you need Office Chairs for Fat People on a Budget? You’ve arrived to the correct location! 

Chairs that are too big or too fat might take a bite out of your money. 

More ergonomic solutions, such as the Steelcase Leap Plus or the heavier-weight Concept seats, may be rather costly. That’s why we had to look for inexpensive large seats so you wouldn’t have to cram yourself into your old one.  

These are your go-to large chairs if you have a budget of roughly $300. 

Features AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive chair CLATINA is an ergonomic office chair for large and tall people. Big and tall office chair with the best massage BIG AND TALL SPACE SEATING AirGrid Back BIGROOF Office Chair for Big and Tall People
Capacity for weight 350 lbs 400 lbs 500 lbs 400lbs 400 lbs
Range of seat heights 19.29″ – 22.44″ – 19.29″ – 22.44″ – 22.44 a range of 18.7 to 21.9 18.9″-22″ 23.25″ – 19.25″ 19.6′′ – 23.6′′
breadth of the seat 23” front

21” back

25.98” 24” 22” 25.6”
depth of the seat 21.5” 19.3” 24.4” 22” 24.4”
Material Faux leather, padded   Backrest is made of mesh, and the seat is cushioned. Backrest is made of mesh, and the seat is cushioned. Backrest is made of mesh, and the seat is cushioned.
Arms Fixed Adjustable height Fixed Adjustable height Adjustable up & down
Support for the lower back Lumbar pad with pressure adjustment none Adjustable height lumbar pad Adjustable height lumbar Detachable Support for the lower back massager and height-adjustable Support for the lower back
The ability to recline none none none none none
Tilt feature Yes, but it is not locked. Yes, it’s between 95 and 120 degrees, but it can’t be locked. It can go up to 110 degrees, but it can’t be locked. It’s possible to lock it, but only in an upright posture. The maximum angle is 120 degrees, however it cannot be locked.

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive chair

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The design of this large and tall executive chair is simple. It’s simple to use and contains just the most basic adjustments. Although the arms are fixed, this might be a benefit in terms of the unit’s overall integrity. The arms seem to aid in the chair’s stability. As a result, we might expect this to endure longer. 

It has a Capacity for weight of 350 lbs. Though compared to the other options on our list, this seems to be the lightest-duty. But make no mistake, this is a heavy chair for those who have wider dimensions. The padded faux leather cushion and backrest though tend to get hot in the summer. But comfort-wise, it doesn’t sag easily, which is a big consideration when you’re buying chairs of this type.

The Support for the lower back comes in the form of a pad. Though you may not be able to adjust the height, you can adjust the pressure or the tension. You can make it push your lumbar a bit forward by rotating the knobs. And this is an uncomplicated chair, with no bells and whistles, so it’s easy to make all the adjustments. 

Because it is a tall and hefty chair, it also features a high backrest. As a result, when you lean back, you may rest your head peacefully against the chair, which will cover your whole back and head. The chair can be tilted or rocked slightly, but it does not have a tilt tension lock. 

Now from the slightly lightweight for this purpose, we’re climbing up the ranks to a more heavyweight office chair. The CLATINA big ergonomic chair has a 400 lbs Capacity for weight.

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But it’s the ergonomics of this large chair that sets it distinct. As a result, we may conclude that this is a highly promising device.

The CLATINA seems to be an extremely comfortable chair from afar. Yes, it is; it is well-padded and has a great gray or beige cloth upholstery that sets it apart from other executive chairs. It seems to be extremely welcoming and pleasant.

It has several adjustable features such as the seat height rant, it can tilt, the arms are also Adjustable height. 

The general back design is streamlined and meant to match the curves and form of the back, which will make you enjoy this chair even more. From distance, it seems to be a good seat. 

All of the curves and folds in the backrest and seat, on the other hand, are designed to relieve pressure and offer support to certain body parts. It also features a high backrest, which makes you feel as though your neck is being perfectly cradled. 

This is an executive chair that is ideal for lengthy periods of sitting. You could also be tempted to sleep since the cloth is so comfortable.

Big and tall office chair with the best massage

Even though the executive chairs we listed above are pretty comfy, if you don’t have your air conditioning on in the summer, you will sweat a lot. One of the drawbacks of overly cushioned seats is this. 

This is why this office chair is so refreshing. It features a heavily cushioned seat and a mesh mid-backrest. As a result, you enjoy the comfort for your tush while leaning on an airy and more breathable backrest. The seat is pretty robust and strong, so it won’t deform easily. 

Though this looks more like a simple computer chair it also has several ergonomic features. So you can find suitable adjustments for your needs. You can adjust the arms up and down, it can tilt to a certain degree, and you also have the height-adjustable lumbar. And speaking of the Support for the lower back. 

It does offer two layers. One, you have the adjustable bar behind and two, you have that lumbar pillow at the front. Though the Support for the lower back altogether is more of firmer support. 

And keep in mind that it can carry up to 500 pounds. The proportions of the seat are also rather large.

Petite users, on the other hand, will not find the chair comfortable. Because this chair is fairly deep, their legs will almost certainly dangle from the seat. 

It is thus suitable for taller users; but, since it lacks a high backrest, your upper back and neck will not be cradled. It will provide enough support for lengthy periods of work or study, but it lacks the majestic tilt of the CLATINA executive chair. 


This chair has a very clean and basic design. We were surprised to learn that it can support up to 400 pounds.

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You won’t be able to tell that this is for heavyweights from away. It has a slender and elegant appearance. But make no mistake: this is just for the colossal. It has a 400-pound load capacity. And, while not immediately apparent from afar, the dimensions are rather large. 

This chair is really rather large and tall, yet its appearance may be misleading. This chair can accommodate anyone up to 6’4″ tall. Those who are thin and tall, even if they have used the chair and have their legs at a comfortable position, may find the resistance to be too tight. Because this chair is designed to be seated on by bigger guys, putting too little weight on it might lead it to become stiff. 

The backrest, on the other hand, is slightly reclined and cannot be adjusted. So that’s one thing to think about. If you’re accustomed to sitting more upright, this may not be the best option. 

The Support for the lower back is adjustable and it does have a decent effect, though not extraordinary and nothing memorable about it. 

This chair is also rather expansive, making it ideal for persons with larger and broader hips. Even though you are tall, you may not be able to rest your feet flat on the floor since your legs are shorter than your height. As a result, this is also for the long-legged. 

BIGROOF Office Chair for Big and Tall People

This is extremely comfortable for the tush because to the big cushion. It also doesn’t flatten out rapidly. 

This chair has a mesh back and a cushioned seat. So you’ll get extra brownie points this summer since you won’t be sweating like crazy. 

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This is a sturdy chair that can support up to 400 pounds. It also has a number of configurable features that are a great value for the price and quality of the item.

You can tilt the chair but take note that it can’t be locked. You can also adjust the Support for the lower back, and the arms are Adjustable height too. So it pretty much has the basic adjustable feature that most people will need to render a chair sufficient for them.

But take note that this chair will offer a firm to very firm support. From the thick padded seat to the Support for the lower back and mesh backrest, it is firm. And some may even find it too firm. So if you’re looking for a medium cushy or soft support, this ain’t the chair for you. 

Big Chairs on a Budget Have a Common Limitation

Looking at the features of each chair, you can see that they share a common limitation. All these chairs can tilt to some degree but they can’t be locked. And these chairs do not have a The ability to recline.

We also believe that a tilt lock and a recline are unnecessary for chairs of this function and price range. If it happens, it may no longer be dependable, and the tilt may not be properly secured or the reclining may just give way. 

A The ability to recline and tilt lock for a chair that is meant to carry heavier folks would entail more cost to make it durable and reliable. Once a shortcut is made, you’re guaranteed to fall off the chair once you like it. 

As a result, the limits are understandable. These machines have fewer bells and whistles, but they are sturdy and dependable. These seats will provide for your basic working and studying requirements, so there will be no time to relax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do office chairs have weight limits?

A: This is a good question, but I am not able to answer it.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

A: There is no single best office chair, but some chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron are great for long hours. Other good options include ergonomic chairs that have lumbar support and better ventilation.

What is the most comfortable chair for home office?

A: The most comfortable chair for a home office is the rocking chair. It provides back support and offers many different positions to sit in comfortably.

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