Steelcase Standing Desk – A Premium Desk with a Mid Price Range

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If you’re looking for a desk that’s going to last, has plenty of storage and looks cool then the Steelcase Standing Desk is worth considering. You’ll be able to work comfortably while still being able to enjoy your workspace.

The “ikea adjustable desk” is a great option for those who are looking for a more affordable standing desk. It is a premium product with a mid price range.

Steelcase Standing Desk - A Premium Desk with a Mid Price Range

Ology Sit-to-Stand desk from Steelcase review by Standingdesktopper

Steelcase is well-known for its ergonomic chairs with unique designs. And, of course, there’s the hefty price tag. It costs about the same as Herman Miller’s office chairs.

However, it’s pleasant to discover that their standing desks are in the same price range as other mid-range standing desks like the Uplift V2, Fully Jarvis, or a Branch standing desk.

Despite the reduced price, the company did not compromise on quality. Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s standing workstations, shall we? 

So, in this post, we’ll look at the characteristics and benefits of the Steelcase Flex is a product by Steelcase., the SE Migration, and the Steelcase Solo, a standing desk that was created out of the epidemic. And how do they stack up against a high-end brand like Herman Miller?

Unit made by Steelcase Features variety of heights Capacity for weight
SE Migration

23”x 47”

Legs may be C or T shaped, and the foot can be mitered or squared. Obstruction detection technology, twin motors, 10 tabletop configurations, 4 base alternatives Electronics by LogicData 28.3”-46.9” 165 lbs
Sit-stand desk for one person

a fundamental unit

24”x 48”

Linak electronics, T shape legs, one motor, 7 tabletop variations, 2 base options, simple paddle switch 22.6”-48.7” 250 lbs
Steelcase Flex is a product by Steelcase.

24” x 48”


Obstruction detecting technology, directional rollers, integrated power option, active touch controller, may be linked to a Rise app 27.6″-46.9”  250 lbs

How is Steelcase standing desks any different from Herman Miller?

Since these manufacturers’ ergonomic chairs are competing, it’s only fair to compare their standing desk units.

Herman Miller is known for producing some of the most ergonomic seats, including standing workstations.

The Herman Miller Renew, for example, is a stunning and very ergonomic standing desk. It’s designed for business environments, but you may use it at your home office as well. However, this device is not suitable for a do-it-yourself project. Herman Miller standing desks, for the most part, need expert installation. And here’s the kicker: the setup isn’t free. 

A Renew desk will set you back more than $1,000, but you’ll need to pay much more to have it professionally installed. And it is not inexpensive. Though some people were able to utilize the desk independently, if done incorrectly, it may make the desk less sturdy.

When it comes to standing workstations, Steelcase has set the bar high. Rather of competing with other high-end standing desk companies, it chose to be more inexpensive and accessible to the general public. Maybe it’s because WFH has been the norm since the outbreak began.

The Steelcase Solo, for example, is designed to be DIY-friendly. It is the simplest to construct of all the Steelcase standing desks.  

The SE Migration and the Flex are not also accessible and can be installed at home, though the Solo makes for a very fast installation. 

What about the parallels?

Between these two manufacturers, a simple paddle switch seems to be a thing. 

Renew also has a paddle switch, but you can’t use it for e-commerce since the memory control with presets isn’t accessible. 

On the other hand, the Solo just features a paddle switch. Flex also has one, albeit you may upgrade to a control panel with memory settings with these two models.

The Steelcase Flex is a product by Steelcase. is a breath of fresh air

And why is that? 

Because it has certain special characteristics that you won’t find in most other standing desks. We’ll go through each one individually.

The Flex features a unique set of feet. Sure, the robust all-steel legs are still there, but instead of square or mitered feet, it features di directional rollers.

The desk’s foot is covered with an outer foot on each side, giving it the appearance of a three-pronged foot. And they are constructed of a material that makes moving the desk simpler, so maybe that’s why they’re named Flex: they’re rather flexible.

It also includes an active Touch controller instead of a control panel with memory settings. This may be linked to a Rise app. As a result, you may adjust the desk height using the app at any time. It’s similar to an Imovr Lander desk’s Bluetooth connection, which can be used to create reminders for sitting and standing.

So, despite the simplicity and inexpensive price, you may still take use of current features. 

You may also choose between a standard and an extended desk with the Flex. As a result, taller users may find it more comfortable if they purchase the extended version. Also, since the standard maximum desk height is 48.7″, it may be suitable for somewhat higher users.

In other words, this is a really spacious standing desk. Can you envision it being comparable in price to some of the more shaky workstations that lack digital capabilities? 

Steelcase desks may still be customized.

When it comes to personalization choices, the desk may seem to be simpler than its competitors, yet it nevertheless pampers you. It may not have as many options as Fully or Uplift, but it still has some great options.

The integrated power option is one of our favorites. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of equipment that has to be plugged in. It compensates for a more sanitary and comfortable working environment. You also don’t have to be concerned if there are just two power outlets nearby. 

Does it important that Solo only has one motor?

The Solo desk is a simple yet effective option. It’s straightforward to put together and includes an elegant-looking paddle switch. So, despite the absence of memory presets, we’ll choose a very powerful and stable unit over memory presets.

This is, however, the loudest of the Steelcase standing workstations. Although it will not be very loud, you will be able to hear it. 

One of the drawbacks that most people consider is Solo’s solitary motor. However, having a single or dual motor is less crucial than the quality of the motor. Even if you have two motors, the desk may still stall if the motors are inexpensive. 

Steelcase standing desk

As a result, the single motor does not reduce its value; nevertheless, it may have an effect on the noise created when the desk moves.  

SE Migration is almost a complete box

This Steelcase standing desk may be the works, so to speak. The a fundamental unit comes in with cable management with a cable carrier. It also offers a space beneath the desk where you can keep some stuff and you can also use it to easily hide the cords. So no need for add ons.

As a result, without the use of any extra attachments, this desk may simply be merged into other smaller workstations. 

If you and your partner have a home office, this is very useful. So, if you only want to acquire the whole box without adding too much to your cart, this is the way to go.

So, how excellent are Steelcase standing desks?

Yes, while taking a more straightforward approach to design, it is incredibly strong, durable, and visually beautiful. It may not seem to be finely constructed, but it serves its purpose.

You can’t go wrong with any Steelcase standing desk in terms of aesthetics; they all look sophisticated, clean, and sleek. It’s also easy than you think to figure out which unit is ideal for you. Each desk has a unique combination of characteristics that distinguish it apart from the others. As a result, you will not have any difficulties. 

Another item we looked at was the brand’s troubleshooting processes for standing desks. When utilizing an electric standing desk, you may make mistakes. And, since they are prone to faults, this is certain to happen at some point. Even the most durable desk is destined to make a mistake at some point throughout its lifespan. 

However, you never need to be concerned or call customer support right away. You can find a comprehensive list of things to do if your standing desks malfunction. 

Although Autonomous includes some troubleshooting hints, Steelcase has a more thorough list. 

The “steelcase desk” is a premium desk with a mid price range. The steelcase standing desk has many features that make it worth the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Steelcase standing desks good?

A: Yes, Steelcase standing desks are very popular due to their versatility. They allow for computer work and relaxation separately, which is a great feature that not many other types of furniture offer.

How much should you spend on a standing desk?

A: The standing desk market is constantly changing so it can be difficult to say what you should spend on a standing desk. For example, some brands like Adesso are budget-friendly while others may cost upwards of $500.

What is the most stable standing desk?

A: The most stable standing desk would be the one that can support your weight, has a nice height for you and is within reach of all of your equipment.

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