Top 10 Best Laptops For QuickBooks in 2022 (Reviewed)

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It is very important for every accountant to choose the best laptop for Quick Books because they work a lot with Excel spreadsheets and this software helps them to work with ease. Quickbooks is a very popular SAAS accounting software that requires laptops that can easily manage all operations and functions. We did some research and we also talked to several accountants who personally use some of the laptops recommended here.

In order for this accounting program to work, you should always check that your current system can run it without any delay. There are two versions of Quickbooks: Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks for Desktops. You can use it on any system as long as you have Internet access. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best laptops for Quickbooks 2020, taking into account all needs and budget.

What are Quickbooks?

QuickBooks is business accounting software. It is created and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are mainly designed for small and medium sized businesses.  They also offer on-premise accounting applications, as well as cloud versions for functions such as receiving payments from businesses, account and payment management, payroll, and more.

QuickBooks Requirements

  • Processor with at least 2.4 Hz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Display resolution 1280×1024
  • In addition, 2.5 GB of memory is required to run the software.
  • Processor with at least 2.4 Hz

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Things to consider when purchasing the best laptop for accountants

Price: It’s always a good idea to keep a budget in mind when buying a laptop, whether you’re an accounting student or a professional. There are different options for different budgets. Look for something that offers you more value and is solidly built.

Battery: All accountants spend a lot of time on their laptops and you should always look for a laptop with the best battery life.

Ease of use: Choose laptops with many features that help you do more than just use Quick Books. You should be able to surf the internet without any problems and use different programs on your system.

Processing quality: Quality craftsmanship is something you should see in every device you buy. The laptop you buy should be made of durable, high quality material. This includes the purchase of laptops with good ergonomic and aesthetic features.

If you’re looking for the perfect laptop that exceeds all your QuickBooks work requirements, the Dell XPS9360-1718SLV . The capacity of the DDR3 RAM is 8 GB. It is also equipped with an Intel Core i5-7200U processor, making it a fast and reliable laptop.

The standard brightness is 400 nits. Brightness function. In addition, the illuminated keypad is a useful tool for working in all environmental conditions.

The laptop is portable and its ergonomic design prevents the heat from the device from spreading to you. This means that you can use the system continuously for several hours.

The light weight of this laptop makes it an indispensable product for business people who travel and work a lot in different environments. In addition, the notebook is resistant to frequent knocks and falls. All in all, the product is the best for the ordinary office.


Display: – The product is built with Infinite Edge technology to fit a 13.3-inch display into an 11-inch display. Thanks to the FHD resolution, every small detail of the display is clearly visible. With this flawless display you can also work comfortably and have an excellent work experience.

Design:- The notebook is stylish and supports high performance. This product is a combination of high performance and aesthetic design. The backlit keyboard and flexible, responsive trackpad allow the device to operate under any environmental pressure.


Webcam:- The webcam is located directly under the Dell logo. So you need to lean forward a little to make direct eye contact with the webcam during a video conference. In addition, if you type something on the keyboard during a video call, your fingers will block the view of the camera.

However, you can solve this problem by putting the laptop in tent mode. In this mode, the webcam positions itself accordingly so that you can type freely during an ongoing video call.

HP 15-bs168cl 15.6-inch QuickBooks is available with a pre-installed Windows 10 operating system. So it can support all versions of the QuickBooks application.

This laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM. The product is very useful for meeting company deadlines.

This HP series has a stylish look. It features a high-resolution 15.6-inch touch screen. A larger user interface makes it easier to use. With a 1TB hard drive and an optional solid-state hard drive, the laptop can store multiple data files.

Moreover, this laptop is one of the best laptops on the QuickBooks 2020 list.


Large storage capacity: – It has an optional SDD and a 1 TB hard disk. That’s why it can store a lot of database files. If your work requires a lot of data storage, this laptop is the perfect choice for you.

Performance:- 8GB RAM with the Intel Core i5 processor make this laptop very powerful.


Size: – Product plus. However, it slides easily into a backpack so you can take it with you.

Battery life: – The battery lasts up to 3 to 4 hours in multitasking mode.

The ASUS ZENBOOK UX330UA-AH54 notebook includes all the features you need to support the QuickBooks application on it.

This laptop is worth buying for the following reasons: It has a 13.3-inch high-definition screen and 8GB of RAM. In addition, it has a 256-SSD which ensures flawless operation.

This laptop is equipped with a 2.5 Hz processor making it easy to use. It offers the best and most reliable connectivity with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a C-type plug-in port.

Another positive feature of this product is the long battery life. Therefore it is preferable to use this laptop while traveling or in places where there are many interruptions.


Budget: – This is an economical product that can meet all your requirements within your budget. It is also fully compatible with the software application QuickBooks.

Battery life: – Maximum battery life is 10 hours. So you can take it with you on long trips without having to worry about billing.


Robust touch screen: – The robustness of the touch screen significantly reduces the performance of the notebook.

ACER ASPIRE E15 E5-575G-57D4 is the eighth generation of the Acer series, based on the Intel Core i5 processor. The processing speed can be up to 3.4 Hz. This feature allows the system to perform multiple tasks in less time. The laptop is portable and ideal for advanced business management.

This notebook’s 8 GM RAM capacity allows you to store multiple software applications for business purposes. It also has a high-resolution 15.6-inch screen, making it suitable for entertainment. If you sit on your computer for hours, this product is for you.

In addition, this laptop is known for its ability to support the requirements of the QuickBooks application. As such, it is the most recommended laptop of 2020 in terms of the best laptops for Quickbooks.


Affordable:- This product is worth buying because it meets your needs in an affordable quantity.

Excellent battery life:– battery lasts up to 11 hours. So you don’t have to worry about regularly charging your laptop.

Numerous ports:- It has several USB ports, an SD card reader, a DVD drive, making this product versatile and useful.


Display Dim: – Has one colour screen. However, the brightness does not exceed 211 nits. So it’s not very useful to work under all circumstances.

Webcam:- The poor quality of the webcam on this laptop produces low resolution images. This is a major setback for those who often have to participate in formal videoconferences.

If you’re fussy enough about your gadgets, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 is for you. It has an unrivalled aesthetic appearance, excellent performance and long battery life. Here are some of his charming features.

Other intriguing features are: 8GB of RAM to store lots of files, and it also features a dual-core Intel i5 processor that makes the product even more efficient.

This notebook is ideal for QuickBooks because it meets all business management requirements. In addition, the device is complemented by a beautiful aesthetic.


Design:- The aesthetics and high functionality of this notebook are complemented by its aesthetic appearance. Also note that this MacBook has a quiet, multilayer silicone keyboard. This means that the keys do not make a sound when typed.

Speed:- Super fast processor, this laptop is known as one of the few fastest products on the market. If speed is important to you when buying a laptop, this MacBook is the right choice for you.


Duration:- If you want to purchase multiple devices to set up your office, this product can cost you a lot of money. It is therefore preferable to find an alternative if you have a tight budget.

The Dell Inspiron 15 7570 QuickBooks Notebook is designed to meet user needs and provide a premium experience. As the name suggests, this product is ideal for using the QuickBooks application. What’s more, this work tool offers great entertainment opportunities.

It is a two-in-one system that is as easy to transport as a shelf. At the same time, the full keyboard ensures the comfort of the laptop.

It includes an Intel Core i5-7200U processor that operates at approximately 3.1 Hz. The capacity of the RAM is 8 GB, which makes the laptop very efficient and fast to use.

The notebook is equipped with a 1TB hybrid hard drive in combination with a Nvidia GeForce 940 MX. The high-resolution 15.6-inch screen has a 180-degree hinge. This hinge makes it flexible and perfect for entertainment.


The processor of the device is quite fast and coupled with a large memory capacity. This allows you to perform multiple tasks in less time and store large amounts of data.


The battery power is less than desired. The notebook’s performance is therefore relatively low in battery mode.

7. ASUS VivoBook S – Ultra slim notebook for QuickBook

ASUS VivoBook S notebookis ideal for use with QuickBooks software. This is the eighth generation of the ASUS series with an Intel Core i5 processor.

It also has 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. A high amount of RAM and SSD accelerates the notebook’s performance.

The 15.6-inch screen is more than QuickBooks needs. The high-resolution FHD screen on this notebook allows the user to view the screen content from any angle. This will only enrich the user experience.

It is easier to perform tasks online in this notebook. For connectivity, it has a 3.1 C USB port, dual-band 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi and HDMI. So you have different ways to connect. Finally, it has a considerable autonomy of up to 10 hours, which is a great advantage.


Improved cooling system:- If you are a long term professional who spends long hours on your laptop, this computer is for you. This product’s improved cooling system keeps your unit cool longer. This allows it to run continuously for hours without overheating.

Version: – It has a sleek and light design that enhances its aesthetic beauty. Moreover, the product is very easy to transport.

Battery: It has a faster charging time and takes about 10 hours.


Battery life: – The performance of the laptop is reduced by the shorter battery life, here is room for improvement.

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The Lenovo ThinkPad E580 is the perfect gadget for business professionals. The excellent features of this laptop make it an interesting purchase. Most importantly, it is fully compatible with the QuickBooks application. That’s why it’s at the top of the QuickBooks laptop list for 2020.

The high-resolution 15.6-inch screen is perfect for work and play. It includes an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of memory, making it faster and more comfortable. What’s more, the 500 GB hard drive at 7200 rpm provides ample storage space for all your files.

Other optional features of this notebook include Bluetooth 4.0 and a fingerprint reader.  It’s an all-in-one package that meets your QuickBooks as well as other common needs.


Robust construction:- The device has a robust housing. The general outlook for the product is good. The laptop is quick and easy to use and has a high-quality keyboard.


The backlight of the screen is poor and the battery life is poor.

The Microsoft LGP-00001Surface Pro 6 laptop is a multifunctional device designed specifically for students and business professionals. The weight of this product is as light as a laptop. Moreover, its aesthetic appearance combined with its high technical performance makes it an unbeatable option.

Other interesting features include a 2736×1824 pixel touch screen, long battery life for office work and much more.

This is a notebook of the eighth generation, based on a quad-core i5-825OU processor and equipped with 8GB RAM. With this laptop, you can perform a lot of tasks fairly quickly.


Performance:- Contains a fast processor combined with 8GB of RAM, making it an efficient device. It should be noted that the keyboard of the laptop is relatively quiet.

Excellent display: – Provides clearer and more accurate viewing essential for work and entertainment. However, it should be noted that it may be visible in sunlight.

Lightweight:- The product is comfortable and weighs no more than a laptop. Ideal for long journeys.

Battery life: – Provides 13.5 hours of maximum assistance.


It does not have a USB C port or a Thunderbolt 3 port.

ASUS F556UA-AB54 NB contains everything that makes a laptop perfect. It is an efficient construction laptop with an ergonomic design and a good working speed.

It has a smooth, slim appearance and is relatively lighter than most other PCs.  This product is available on the market in different colours. So you can buy one in your favorite color.

It is equipped with a seventh generation Intel Core i5 processor and a 256 GB SSD. In addition, there are 8 GB of RAM. In general, this makes it easy to run the QuickBooks application on this device without any problems.


Design:- The combination of robust and aesthetic design makes this the most popular laptop on the list.

Memory: – The SSD has a storage capacity of 256 GB, which is sufficient to run multiple software applications simultaneously.

Battery life: – Increasing battery buffer capacity.


The keyboard has no backlight.

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The list of best notebooks for QuickBooks 2020 is not ranked in order of rating or product quality. So the decision to buy something that meets your requirements is entirely up to you. The above list can only help you with your laptop requirements.

The list of prescribed laptops is listed and discussed based on the following factors: battery life, design and efficiency. So before you buy a product, you should consider each of these options.

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