Top 7 MTG Cards Like Blasphemous Act

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We’re going to take a look at the top 7 MTG cards that are similar to Blasphemous Act.

The blasphemous act protection from red is a card that can protect your creatures from being destroyed by combat. It’s a great card for decks with lots of small creatures.

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Blasphemous Act is a Magic: the Gathering card that delivers massive damage to all creatures. Here are our top 7 MTG cards similar to Blasphemous Act that you should be aware of!

Top 7 MTG Cards That Are Similar to Blasphemous Act

1. Extinction Star

Star of Extinction - Ixalan

The first of many excellent MTG cards like Blasphemous Act on our list is Star of Extinction. It is the most powerful card on the list, as well as a mythic rare red sorcery card.

Casting the card costs 5 colorless and 2 red mana, but when you do, oh boy!

When are you going to cast it? Destroy a land on the battlefield and inflict 20 damage to all creatures and planeswalkers.

Did we mention that it’s one of the few cards on our list that’s more potent than Blasphemous Act?

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2. The Fury of the Storm

Magic: The Gathering - Storm's Wrath - Theros Beyond Death

Storm’s Wrath is an uncommon red Sorcery card that deals 4 damage to each planeswalker and creature it encounters. 

Sure, it’s not 13, or even 20, but even 4 points of damage to each creature and planeswalker is amazing (and very helpful and disrupting enemy formations and morale).

The greatest aspect is that it has a low casting cost for the amount of value it provides. To cast the card, you’ll need 2 colorless and 2 red mana.

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3. Force of Destruction

Magic: the Gathering - Destructive Force - Magic 2011

The next card on our list of MTG cards that are similar to Blasphemous Act is Destructive Force. It’s another red Sorcery card that’s very uncommon. 

The only major drawback is the card’s somewhat high casting cost of 5 colorless and 2 red mana.

Each player must surrender 5 lands when they play the card. Destructive Force additionally does 5 points of direct damage to each player.


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4. The Radius of Disaster

Magic: the Gathering - Disaster Radius - Rise of The Eldrazi

On our list of pseudo-Blasphemous Act cards, Disaster Radius is the second mythic rare red Sorcery card. 

Casting the card costs 5 colorless and 2 red mana, plus revealing a creature card from your hand, which is a semi-high cost. This card cannot be played unless you have a creature in your hand.

Deal X damage to each creature your opponents control on the battlefield whenever you reveal the creature from your hand (where X is the converted mana cost of the revealed creature card).

There are no clear drawbacks to this card, apart than needing to reveal a creature and alerting your opponents to what’s coming their way.

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Sundering Stroke (number 5)

Magic: The Gathering - Sundering Stroke - Foil - Throne of Eldraine

Sundering Stroke is a rare red Sorcery card having a casting cost of 6 colorless and 1 red mana, which is extremely expensive. 

What are the consequences of such a high price? Dealing 7 damage points to one, two, or three targets, as you choose.

What’s the real kicker? Deal 7 damage to each of those creatures instead if all 7 of the CMC spent on this card were red mana.

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6. Tempest of Fire

Magic The Gathering - Fire Tempest - Starter 1999

Fire Tempest, an old-school rare red Sorcery card (seeing a trend here?) comes in sixth on our list of MTG cards that are similar to Blasphemous Act. 

Most of the cards on this list have a casting cost of 5 colorless and 2 red mana, for a CMC of 7. 

Fire Tempest does 6 damage to each creature and player in the game when you use this Sorcery.

The disadvantage is that you and your animals will each suffer 6 damage points!

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7. Unprecedented Effort

Magic: the Gathering - Reckless Endeavor (302) - Extended Art - Forgotten Realms Commander

Reckless Endeavor is a powerful Sorcery card that is also red, uncommon, and has a CMC of 7. (5 colorless and 2 red mana).

Roll two 12-sided dice and pick one of them when playing this card. Each creature on the battlefield will take that much damage.

The outcome of the second dice gives the same number of Treasure tokens as the first.

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Blasphemous Act is one of the most frequently asked questions about MTG cards.

In MTG, what is a blasphemous act?

Blasphemous Act is a rare red Sorcery that costs 8 colorless and 1 red mana to cast. What is the rationale behind the high cost of the card? It inflicts 13 damage on each creature on the board (even yours).

Is it Worth It to Play Pseudo-Blasphemous Act Cards?

The Pseudo-Blasphemous Act cards are well worth the investment since they inflict direct damage to creatures (and possibly players). Like Blasphemous Act, they may or may not attack all animals.

How Do You Win At MTG With Cards That Look Like Blasphemy?

The simplest method to win a game of Magic the Gathering with Blasphemous Act and other pseudo-Blasphemous Act cards is to totally destroy your opponent’s creatures. And then smash them with your own animals once they’re vulnerable (or direct damage Instants and Sorcery cards).

The most expensive mtg card is a common question that gets asked often. Here are seven cards that can be used to replace Blasphemous Act.

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