MTG Best Vintage Cards – 10 Most Iconic Vintage MTG Cards 2021

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What’s the best Vintage  Magic card? Many people think  the answer  is obvious, but the truth  is more  complicated  than you  might expect  as  over  the  years  the  most  popular  cards  have  lost  their  iconic  status  and  been  replaced  with  modern  cards  that  are

Vintage has been around long enough for the nostalgic community to have a library of cards that have been seen countless times, for some cards to have been banned, and for the cards that have been reissued to have been seen again on a new card. In short, there is a large collection of Vintage cards that have been seen numerous times, and which have been seen on a wide variety of cards.

From the art of the mighty Elves to the spells of the wise wizards, the creatures of the Multiverse are pure magic. Here are 10 of the most powerful vintage cards ever printed!. Read more about top 100 most expensive mtg cards and let us know what you think.

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MTG is one of the most popular collectable card games in the world, and with over 20,000 distinct cards to choose from and hundreds of new ones being released each year, the older cards grow more rare and expensive. Find out our top choices for the finest vintage MTG cards by reading on!

The Top 10 Vintage MTG Cards

1. The Lotus Black

Black Lotus

Black Lotus is by far the most rare vintage card in MTG. Black Lotus is a colorless artifact that may be brought into play for free in the Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, and Vintage Masters sets. Additionally, you may tap and sacrifice it to add three mana of any color to your mana pool.

The usual price for this card is approximately $10,000, but it just sold at auction for almost half a million dollars. However, a duplicate of it may be found for as low as $2,500. There are just a few hundred Black Lotus cards remaining, according to legend.

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Black Lotus.

2. Preordain


This antique blue card exemplifies why blue is one of the game’s most popular colors (and is definitely the most played color in vintage MTG).

The Preordain sorcery costs a single island land and lets you to scry and then draw two cards. To put it another way, for a single blue mana, you may look at your deck and then draw the top two cards from it.

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Preordain.

3. Reminiscences of the Past

Ancestral Recall

Ancestral Recall is a second blue Magic card that causes havoc and only costs one blue mana. This uncommon blue Instant lets (or compels) one of your chosen players to draw three cards. 

Ancestral Recall allows you can quickly get important cards into your hand and into play. Alternatively, it may push your opponent to burn through their library more quickly, forcing them to make sacrifices and disrupting their plan!

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Ancestral Recall.

4. Twist Your Mind

Mind Twist

Along with cards like Black Lotus and Mox Ruby, Mind Twist is one of the most popular extraordinary rare vintage cards. Mind Twist, which costs just a single swampland and X colorless mana, compels a target player to discard X number of cards from their hand at random. 

As you may have guessed, this card is ideal for playing on an opponent immediately after Ancestral Recall (the previous card on our list). They’ll have additional cards in their deck this manner, and you’ll be able to compel them to discard their whole hand.

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Mind Twist.

5. Ruby Mox

Mox Ruby

Mox ruby is an unique rare of the Vintage class that costs ZERO mana to summon onto the battlefield. For the rest of your turn, tapping Mox Ruby adds a mountain land/red mana to your pool.

Mox Ruby, like any other mountain terrain, may be utilized at any time. The interesting thing is that, while having the same ability as a mountain land, it cannot be targeted as a “land” card by opponents.

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Mox Ruby.

6. Time-defying


The Vintage Masters edition’s Timetwister is a beautiful blue sorcery-type card. Casting the card costs two colorless mana and one island land, and it then goes directly to the graveyard.

When the Timetwister sorcery card is cast, everyone in the game’s current hand is shuffled into their graveyards, and they then draw a complete hand of seven cards from their deck.

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Timetwister.

7. Take a Time Walk

Time Walk

Out of all the Vintage cards that cost so little to cast, Time Walk is one of the most useful blue spells. Time Walk gives you an additional turn after you finish the current one for 1 colorless mana and one island land.

Time Walk is a great card to keep in your hand for a few rounds and make some battlefield preparations before playing. When this card is played, the consequences are often surprising and disastrous for the target opponents.

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Time Walk.

8. Island of Volcanoes

Volcanic Island

Many old-school MTG players love Volcanic Island, and it’s just as popular with newcomers. When you tap the Island Mountain, you have the option of using it as red or blue mana. 

The Volcanic Island is one of the few uncommon cards that is both simple and helpful. Special lands, like this one, are often associated with an extra cost or requirement.

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Volcanic Island.

9. Artifact Copy

Copy Artifact

Blue cards are well-known and adored for their Magic powers and effects, if you haven’t already guessed. Blue’s strength is cheap arcane magick, such as this Copy Artifact card, which only needs 1 colorless mana and 1 island land.

You may duplicate any artifact on the board, both your own and your opponents’, when Copy Artifact enters into play. The Copy Artifact card is handled as though it were an identical clone. Even if the original is destroyed, it remains in play.

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Copy Artifact.

10. Subterranean Sea

Underground Sea

Underground Sea, like Volcanic Island, is a very useful card to have in a mixed Vintage deck. You may tap this rare Vintage island swamp card each round for either blue or black mana.

On the battlefield, these double-land cards are invaluable. Simply playing a card like Underground Sea causes dread (or envy) in your opponents, which is a psychological advantage in and of itself!

On the official MTG Card Database, you can learn more about Underground Sea.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vintage Cards

What is the rarest vintage Magic: the Gathering card?

With just a few hundred copies remaining in circulation, Black Lotus is considered the rarest vintage MTG card. The cost of the card is usually in the thousands of dollars. Vintage Force of Will, Time Walk, and Ancestral Recall cards are rapidly becoming as popular as vintage Black Lotus cards in terms of popularity and rarity. 

What Are the Values of Vintage MTG Cards?

For a single card, vintage MTG cards may cost anywhere from $5 to almost $10,000. The rarity of the card (how many were printed/are in circulation), its condition, age, and whether it is a “foil” card or a regular card are all variables that influence the price.

What Constitutes a “Vintage” MTG Card?

To be classified a vintage MTG card, it must have been printed in the initial few printings of the game. That implies Type 1/Type I cards from the 1990s are the only “true” vintage cards. Even if they’re two decades old, any cards made after that aren’t officially antique, but they may be just as valuable. 

We all know that Magic: the Gathering cards are some of the most valuable and sought-after vintage cards on the market. Vintage was created as a way to recreate the original Magic: the Gathering as it was first released.  As such, this format has always been dominated by iconic cards, and we’ve complied a list of the cards we believe will be the most iconic and valuable in 2021.. Read more about most valuable magic: the gathering cards and let us know what you think.

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